Updated 12:37 AM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

'Street Fighter V' Beta, Characters & News: Yoshinori Ono Shares 5-Year Plan for Hit Video Game

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Capcom's Yoshinori Ono reveals that "Street Fighter V" would run for as long as five years, admitting that he wants to maximize their resources to support the game.

In an interview with Euro Gamer cited by Techno Buffalo, the video game producer was asked whether the new "Street Fighter" game would be able to match its predecessor's 44 characters.

In response, he revealed that the game in general would go as far as five years in the market, saying: "A lot of it will depend on once the game's out in the wild, and if the model we make comes to fruition and I can be proven right about it being the right choice."

"Simple math suggests it'd take five years to get to the roster of Street Fighter 4, and we want to keep the game going for that amount of time," he added.

Ono also explained to the outlet that while Capcom intends to support the game as long as they can, there is still so much that is unknown as of the moment.

"We want to support it as long as we can, we honestly will have to see -- we don't know anymore than anyone else does how it's going to turn out next February, once we do this completely new way of doing things," he stated.

A previous report from Techno Buffalo revealed the company's vision of making the game a platform in itself where players can either buy or win new characters while playing the game.

According to the report, Capcom has already confirmed 16 characters would be available during its February 2016.

Among the veteran characters that are guaranteed a spot in the game are Ryu, Chun-li, Ken, M. Bison, Charlie Nash, Cammy and Birdie while four would be new.

A report from Shoryuken says more familiar characters would be introduced during the launch, some of which may include Ibuki, Juri, Guile, Balrog, Alex and Urien.

"What we're working towards internally is about one character every two months. So we've been able to map out that we're going to have six within the first year and plan to continue to build after that," the outlet quoted Ono saying.

While Techno Buffalo has not been very keen at experiencing all 44 characters in "Street Fighter IV," Ono's teases seem to be making the expected effect as the outlet reports lean towards a more excited mood.

"Street Fighter V's initial roster count will cap out at a reasonable 16 characters, but more importantly, any additional characters released afterwards can be earned for free!" the report reads.

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