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'Zoolander 2' Trailer, Cast & Release Date: New Trailer Reveals Sequel Was Worth the Wait [Watch]

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In 2001, Ben Stiller played washed-up male model Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson is his rival-turned-pal Hansel in a screwball comedy about life on (and out) of the runway.

However, it seems that Zoolander will be back on the runway soon, as Stiller and Wilson confirmed in March that they will be back in the big screen -- while hijacking the very real Valentino show at the Paris Fashion Week, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Set fourteen years after the original -- it's a long, long time in fashion and film years, but it's well worth the wait, as Zoolander comes into the likes of All -- the androgynous supermodel played by fur-wearing Benedict Cumberbatch.

Zoolander and Hansel may be "old" and "lame" (emphasis on the "e") but they're on their way to being significant in the world of fashion again.

The newly released trailer for the sequel showed Zoolander and Hansel being enlisted for help by an Interpol agent in the form of Montana Grosso (Penelope Cruz), who's so hot, Hansel automatically trusts her. The assignment? Solve the murders of the world's most beautiful people, which lists the likes of Demi Lovato, Usher, and even Justin Bieber -- who all died pouting Zoolander's signature look, the Blue Steel.

And then, of course, there's a probable criminal mastermind already introduced in the trailer: Will Ferrell as Mugatu, who was just recently released from prison. Mugatu said, "Prison changed me. I'm bad to the core now."

He also wanted a latte he can spit at his assistant, which is pretty evil, as far as evil goes.

Finally, there's no way to skip Kristen Wiig, whose presence as the mysterious Alexanya Atoz grabbed attention, with her overly Botoxed face that made her speak unintelligible English -- if it was even the language she was hoping to convey.

Oh, and one final detail: Zoolander now also has a son named Derek Junior, played by actor Cyrus Arnold. Unlike his vain father, though, Telegraph UK mentioned that he seems to err mre on the normal side, sporting a school uniform and appearing to be embarrassed by his own father's vanity.

"Zoolander" grossed about $45 million at the box office during its release, but has become a cult favorite thanks to its string of one-liners and gags, which seems to be well on its way for a repeat, if only based on the sequel's trailer. "Zoolander 2", written and directed by Stiller, will be in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Are you excited to see the "old" and "lame" washed-up models in action?

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