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Sex Tips: Common Mistakes Men Make in the Bedroom & How to Fix Them

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Sex has been considered to be an important aspect in a relationship as it not only promotes intimacy between couples, but also accounts for suprising health benefits such as better sleep and bladder control. However, there are some common sex mistakes that men need to avoid in the bedroom to ensure that romance is not kicked aside to the curb.

Unfortunately, macho-dominated societies have become the norm and the success of sex falls heavily upon the males, making it account for many male egos to be bruised everytime a sexual encounter becomes less than sub par. While sex becomes a taboo issue for some people, couples have a hard time communicating what they want out of sex with their partner. In doing so, this leads to many common mistakes in the bedroom. Here are some of the more common mistakes in the bedroom and how to remedy them.

 1. Kissing is limited only to the lips.

According to a study with Men's Health, men who would only limit kissing to their partner's lips are completely missing out on no less than 10 erogenous zones that both men and women find to be arousing. Pleasure points are some areas men would want to explore should they want to experience new levels of arousal in their partners. According to the study, women being kissed on the nape of their neck to be more arousing than being kissed on the ears. Additional pleasure spots most often ignored are the inner thigh as well as the back of the neck.

2. Not engaging in foreplay.

While men can skip on the foreplay part, many women find it hard to achieve orgasm without engaging in foreplay prior to sexual intercourse. In a report with Men's Journal, foreplay is essential because not only does it matter to women, it can also put some added benefits in the men's sex life, as well. "Foreplay helps to maintain intimacy. Physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy," said Dr. Jennifer Berman. Men are advised to not forego foreplay even if they are already with their longterm partner. It is also advised to seek other pleasure areas in their partner's body, other than ones they are already aware of.

3. Not Feeding Your Libido

There are many foods out there which are guaranteed to put men in the mood for sex. If men find themselves tired and just want to hit the sack than go for a romp between the sheets, it is advised to eat key foods that are guaranteed to boost one's libido such as garlic cloves, figs, watermelon, eggs, saffron and oysters that would get one in the mood for sex and also improve one's sexual performance.

4. Thinking that sex only starts in the bedroom.

According to Dr. Gary Smalley, family counselor of Smalley Relationship Center, sex does not start in the bedroom. He said that many men are ignorant of the fact that about 80 percent of a woman's need for touch is non sexual. He also added that men need to make a connection with their partners in all aspects of a relationship. Men have to gain their partner's trust in order to achieve a relationship where they will be fully open sexually with them.

5. Thinking that 'faster is better'.

When it comes to sex, most men make the common mistake that their partners want to achieve orgasm at a fast pace, hence they tend to 'pump faster'. There are ways to extend the length of the sexual act such as breathing exercises, tantric sex and making use of sex toys.

Sex is an integral part of a relationship as it brings couples closer together. It is important to know that keeping the sex to an all-time high takes effort on both partners and it is not just a one-way street.

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