Updated 04:33 AM EDT, Mon, Jun 14, 2021

NFL News: Former Los Angeles DE Anthony Smith Found Guilty for Murdering Three Men

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Former Los Angeles Raiders defensive end Anthony Smith has recently been convicted for murdering three men after he retired from the NFL in 1998.

New York Daily News reported that a jury in the Los Angeles County ruled that the 48-year-old is guilty of three counts of murder.

The defensive end received a conviction for shooting two brothers to death in 1999 and for stabbing dead a man two years after. The prosecution team claimed that the victims were kidnapped and tortured prior to their deaths.

In discussing the convictions, The Guardian said the bodies of brothers Kevin and Ricky Nettles were found dumped eight miles apart after they were reportedly kidnapped at a Los Angeles car wash.

On the other hand, Dennis Henderson was found dead inside a rental car with more than 40 stab wounds on his body in 2001.

Smith is set to face a lifetime in jail without the possibility of parole.

Michael Evans, the former NFL player's legal counsel, mentioned in the New York Daily News report that they will appeal the conviction noting that "the evidence was insufficient, and there's no credible motive."

"My client's facing life without the possibility of parole here, and I think he deserves at least the benefit of that knowledge," Evans told The Guardian.

During Smith's trial, the prosecutors presented strong evidence that linked the former NFL player to the case including "identifications by witnesses, zip ties found on one of the victim's hands that came from the same production batch as ties in Smith's possession, and rope found on one body that was similar to rope also in Smith's possession."

The convicted murderer also reportedly had in his possession books about killing like "Kill Without Joy!", "Professional Killers: An Inside Look" and "The Outlaw's Bible."

In a similar report, CBC News noted that no explanations were offered on the motives behind the killings but the family of the victims hoped for justice to be served.

"We won't bring them back, but at least the person who is responsible will pay for what he has done," said Alicia Tribble, a sister-in-law of the victims in the same report.

Smith is also facing a fourth murder charge for the 2008 killing of his associate Maurilio Ponce, who was shot to death and found on the side of the street.

"Because the panel failed to reach the unanimous decision required for a verdict in criminal cases, the judge declared a mistrial for that count," added the CBC News report.

During the 1990 NFL Draft, Smith was the 11th overall pick by the Los Angeles Raiders. He averaged 57.5 sacks for his 89 career games.

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