Updated 01:33 PM EDT, Wed, Aug 04, 2021

El Chapo Wants Trump: Joaquin Guzman Whereabouts Are Still Unknown, Trump Undeterred with $100 Million Bounty Placed on His Head by the Mexican Drug Lord

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Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is still running around free and American police are still unsure of his location. According to TeleSUR, the world's most wanted and most dangerous drug lord escaped a high-security prison back in July and police have yet to recapture the drug trafficker.

Mike Vigil, a retired U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration operations chief, has commented that if Guzman was not found two days after his escape, the chances of finding him have probably gone in the wind.

Vigil warned, "If [El Chapo] is able to make his way to Sinaloa, his native state, and gets into that mountainous range, it's going to be very difficult to capture him because he enjoys the protection of local villagers.

Unfortunately, El Chapo might have already arrived in Sinaloa. A man who identified himself as Julio "El Tio" Martinez and is claimed to be quite close to the drug lord told TeleSUR that Guzman went directly to Sinaloa, after his escape. The Mexican drug lord has stayed hidden in the mountainous range north of Culiacan, the capital state of Sinaloa, added Martinez.

While the Mexican drug lord's whereabouts are unclear, he has still made headlines. HNGN recently published an article which stated that EL Chapo is very interested in getting his hand on Donald Trump, reports Complex. Apparently, Guzman has placed a $100 million bounty on the real estate mogul's head.

Trump has allegedly offended the dangerous drug lord with his racist Mexican comments during his Presidential campaign. As reported by Most Extreme News, an unidentified inmate said, "[Guzman] was mad. He wants Donald Trump dead and will pay any amount of money to have Donald Trump's head," states TeleSUR.

It would seem that Trump angered El Chapo even more, when he used the drug lord's prison escape to gain support for his big wall idea. Trump argued that Guzman's escape is further proof that a wall should be built to separate the United States from Mexico.

The billionaire further explains that El Chapo's escape reveals the extent of corruption in Mexico. Trump goes on to say that he would actually "kick [Guzman] in the ass," unlike his campaign opponents Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Despite his daring words, Trump has taken El Chapo's threats seriously and has taken some precautions. The leading GOP candidate has increased security during his campaigns and has even taken to wearing a bulletproof vest.

"We have officials all over the place, including right outside hanging out in trees," commented Trump a few months ago in Virginia.

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