Updated 03:54 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

'Wonder Woman' 2017 Movie Cast, Actress & Trailer: Film Set to Take Place in Three Timelines? [Spoilers]

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Fans are already talking about Warner Bros.' 2017 film "Wonder Woman" especially after a fan-based website got word on some "mild spoilers."

The movie starring Gal Gadot is already in the works under the careful eye of director Patty Jenkins with an image of the heroine all suited up already circulating all over the Internet, Den of Geek revealed.

The outlet also learned in a separate report that Chris Pine, who was known for his performance in the sci-fi epic saga "Star Trek," would be featured in the movie alongside as Wonder Woman's love interest and US military intelligence officer, Steve Trevor.

Now, a "well-placed" source reportedly told Den of Geek that movie would be filmed in three different time period, one for each of the flick's three acts.

According to the outlet's source that remained anonymous throughout the report, the first act would occur in Wonder Woman's homeland, Themyscira.

This idyllic island, says Den of Geek, is the place where Wonder Woman's adventures began during the 1940s.

In the second act, the DC Extended Universe flick is said to be set up during the historical World War I, particularly in 1916.

According to Polygon, Warner Bros. probably chose the first World War as one of the three settings for "Wonder Woman" and not the second which has been "a focal point or backdrop" for many past movies is because of the fact that Marvel Studio's "Captain America: First Avenger" has already used it.

"There's a good possibility the studio wants to distance its period film from Marvel's Captain America: First Avenger, which takes place during World War II," the report read.

The third and final act, says Den of Geek, would take place during the modern times when the powerful heroine enters the present time and catches up with her fellow Justice League members and A-list heroes Batman and Superman.

The outlet also noted that this part of the movie is expected to set up events to the coming of the "Justice League Part 1" which is due in theaters in the latter part of 2017.

Aside from the setting change, Wonder Woman is also expected to have three costume changes to reflect each of the three time periods.

The Den of Geek also revealed that Gadot would be shooting scenes for the film in London, England as well as in the island of Basilicata in Italy which would most probably stand-in for Wonder Woman's homeland, Themyscira.

The heroine, who is the only female top member of DC's "Justice League," would debut in the 2016 film "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and would be the star of her own film on June 23, 2017.

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