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'Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain' Walkthrough: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

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Listed below are some info, cheats, tips and tricks to help gamers beat "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain."

#1: Recruiting Hideo Kojima and other soldiers from "Ground Zeroes"

GameSpot noted that Kojima can only be recruited to Mother Base in "Phantom Pain," if a player has saved him during the "Intel Operative Rescue" mission in "Ground Zeroes." If you did save Kojima in MGS V prequel, simply import your saved file from the same console and he will volunteer for Mother Base.

Kojima specializes in intel. In fact, his character receives an S-rank intel rate in the game. The MGS designer's character also has an A+ rating for Research and Development, so he can be very useful. In addition, other special soldiers and POWs can be extracted from your saved "Ground Zeroes" file and can volunteer for Mother Base as well.

#2: Capturing Wandering Soldiers

According to IGN, to capture wandering soldiers, first go to your "Cassette" list. Click and play the song "Koi No Yoku Shiryouku", a.k.a "Love Deterrence." Play the song through Big Boss's iDroid speakers, so that the wandering soldiers can hear it. The song will attract the soldiers, like a moth to a flame.

When the solider is close enough, stun or tranquilize him. After, equip a Cardboard box and creep up behind him before he starts moving again, then use Fulton to send him back to Mother Base.

#3: How to clear a mine in minutes

PC Gamer cited several operations in which players will need to clear the location of mines. The tedious way to clear mines is to first find the mines and then detonate them. To save some time, however, you can just call in an airstrike. To destroy the mines all at once, just target the center of the marked mission area.

#4: How to defeat Quiet in Mission 10

First, IGN recommends fighting Quiet at night, since she can heals better in the sunlight. Furthermore to disable her completely, call in a supply drop right on top of her head. This action will deal heavy damage to Quiet.

#5: Chicken Hat

To get said hat, go to the Game Settings menu and there you will find an on/off switch for the headgear. PC Gamer explains that the poultry-themed hat is not just for an easy laugh, it can actually make Snake harder to see. As a result, wearing the hat can make getting through a mission way easier.

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