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'Supergirl' Episode 1 Season 1 Air Date, Update & Spoilers: New Trailer Released! [Watch]

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CBS has finally released a final official trailer for the studio's "Supergirl" showing the Man of Steel's cousin in action, a significant revelation that covers the awesome powers of the Kryptonian heroine.

According to IGN, the CBS audience has yet to experience any actual action scenes in the studio's upcoming new series starring Melissa Benoist before the new and 'final' trailer was released.

Considering that its first official trailer focused on Kara Danvers' "human" environment as well as the show's pilot episode which airs on October 26, there is not much room for any action-packed scenes.

But on Tuesday, September 22, CBS released a new official trailer showing the heroine's superpowers including heat vision and super breath.

According to HitFix, this new and 'final' trailer also hints at some of her adversaries that are shown to be coming from the "crashed" Kryptonian prison from outer space.

"You catch that? Fort Rozz has crashed, releasing some of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. For those that don't know, Fort Rozz was a Kryptonian prison," the report explained, adding that those who are familiar with Supergirl comic books would know how the prison was sucked into the Phantom Zone.

"When a prisoner transfer went sideways and the Phantom Zone Projector exploded. Eventually, the inmates overpowered the guards and escaped. How this will be baked into the lore of 'Supergirl' remains to be seen but the word "crash" implies a Monster-of-the-WeekTM formula," the report continued.

According to Deadline, the new trailer also shows a quick look at "the morally ambiguous businessman" Maxwell Lord portrayed by Peter Facinelli who would both be an ally as well as a "full time pain in the Justice League's side."

Curiously, the outlet noted how the show's final trailer included a quick reference to the fact that humans are ultimately unaware of more metahumans residing in the planet.

This, says the outlet, is something "interesting" considering that Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) is seen to make regular appearances in the series.

For those who are unaware, James Olsen had been a supporting character way back when Jeannot Szwarc helmed "Supergirl" the movie, a spinoff of Christopher Reeve's "Superman" series.

"[Supergirl] featured Jimmy Olsen (played by Marc McClure) as a supporting character, and also took pains to establish that Superman was until Supergirl's appearance the only superhero on earth," the report read.

Aside from Benoist and Brooks, the series would also feature Hollywood stars like Chyler Leigh, Calista Flockhart, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

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