Updated 07:43 PM EDT, Fri, Jun 18, 2021

'Elite Dangerous' Gets Steam VR Support! Price Slashed to $27

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British video game developer Frontier Developments has recently announced that "Elite: Dangerous" will have a SteamVR support before the year ends.

IGN said Frontier has also slashed the price of the game on Steam and at the Frontier Store making it only $27, a 40 percent discount from its usual price, but this is only until September 28.

It added that gamers can also check out the Elite: Dangerous' SteamVR build at the EGX expo over the weekend in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, VG247  said that virtual reality has always been a plan for Frontier on its games.

"Back when it was on Kickstarter, CEO David Braben talked about the potential for integrating VR into the experience. At the time, they were looking into Oculus Rift support, and it's flourished since then," explained the same report.

Ars Technica also noted that the game developer has explored the possibility of virtual reality two years ago.

"Starting early with VR has been a tremendous advantage. We've been working with VR since December 2013 and tweaking the experience throughout. We've learned a lot, not just about the technology but about best practice for design," Frontier communications manager Michael Gapper told Ars Technica in an e-mail.

Asked if there was a preferred headset for "Elite: Dangerous," Gapper said that they believe in the principle that there should be equal opportunities for all.

"We're not looking to choose the 'best' VR experience because we're sure players will have their own preferences; we're just trying to make sure the experience is the best it can be wherever you want to play it," explained Gapper.

He added that the company is also not working on a "reference headset" as they are supporting Oculus and also Vive.

The addition of the Steam VR on the game is expected to make it more exciting.

Previously, an IGN review of the game revealed that "Elite: Dangerous" is "one of the most enthralling and evocative space combat and trade sim games."

Though it said that the game can be boring, IGN noted that Elite offers great graphics and sounds to the players.

"I still find it a little too barren of character and flavor in this world. News bulletins tell me that the Federation is teetering as its productive colonies secede rather than pay taxes to a decadent and exhausted core.... but that's just words on a page," added the review.

Perhaps, the virtual reality addition will make a great difference on the game which the players are looking for.

On its official website, "Elite: Dangerous" is discussed as a multiplayer space epic game which gives players "400 billion star systems and infinite freedom."

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