Updated 08:25 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

LeBron James in the Philippines: Four-Time NBA MVP Shows Dunk Prowess in Mentoring Visit

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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James once again proved why he is the "King" in basketball.

The four-time MVP dunked on every player in the Philippines during a mentoring visit for Nike's Rise program, SB Nation reported.

Spin explained that Rise is the brand's "first-ever reality documentary and basketball development program that hopes to inspire young Filipinos to raise their game and realize their full basketball potential."

This nationwide search also hopes to provide an opportunity to great basketball players be discovered.

"True to Nike's mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete, Rise will encourage and provide opportunities to everyday athletes to go beyond their comfort zone," Nike Philippines' country marketing manager Patrick Reyes told Spin.

A part of the program was James' visit (his second) to the country's capital, Manila, where he shared with young Filipino basketball players lessons of leadership. The chosen players were also given the chance to have an exhibition in front of James, but the "King" decided to jump in.

This was where dunks started coming in.

According to ESPN, hundreds of excited fans cheered on every dunk he made -- which proves how popular he is.

In a report by local news channel ABS-CBN, James thanked the Filipinos for the warm welcome given to him.

"You guys always welcome me and my guys and my friends with open arms, so it's always a pleasure," the Cavaliers star added.

James said the Nike program goes beyond teaching young basketball players, as this also means inspiring them to be better.

"I think, it's more than teaching them the skill sets. It's about the inspiration that comes behind it. To tell them about the game, and it's up to them to use that -- the words that I tell them, and to use those to better themselves," he added.

In an Associated Press story published by Yahoo Sports, James also said that aspiring ballers should take his example saying that when he was young, he also did not believe that his dream will come true.

"I think my story speaks for itself, you know I was a kid who didn't believe that I can't make my dream become a reality, and I know it will take a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of love. I just love the game so much that I won't let nobody tell me that I couldn't accomplish something, so I know exactly what a lot of these kids are going through," the basketball star explained.

He also shared that his life goes beyond basketball and that he is still capable of accomplishing more, such as helping others.

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