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'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell to Face WWE Superstar 'Stardust' at 'SummerSlam'

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Lifelong WWE fan and Arrow star Stephen Amell have a long standing social media feud with WWE Superstar 'Stardust' that started on the Memorial Day episode of Raw according to a report by WWE. Amell was at ringside when the The Man from the Fifth Dimension hissed at him before a match with Neville.

Stardust lost the match, but continued his rivalry with "The Man That Gravity Forgot." He also continued his war of words on twitter with Amell.

Arrow appeared on the latest episode of Raw and was sitting at ringside. After Neville defeated King Barrett, Stardust took him out before going to the outside to shove his rival.

Amell jumped the barricade and onto the ring, taking down his rival with a double leg and gave him some elbows and punches. Security quickly interfered as they pull Amell away as 'Stardust' and King Barrett retreat.

According to HollywoodLife, Triple H was furious with Amell for entering the ring and attacking Stardust. Amell demanded to have a match with the man formerly known as Cody Rhodes with Neville as his partner. The COO of the WWE ended up making the match as long as the proper paperwork is signed.

On his official WWE profile, Stardust is one of the most successful tag team competitors. He is a three time World Tag Team Champion, a three time WWE Tag Team Champion, and a two time Intecontinental Champion.

He is the son of the legendary, and recently deceased American Dream Dusty Rhodes. He is also the younger brother of the artist formerly known as Goldust. Stardust named his finisher "The Queen's Crossbow" as a shot to Stephen Amell's character in "Arrow" named Oliver Queen.

Stephen Amell's "Arrow" character is based on DC Comic hero Green Arrow. In a report by the Wall Street Jornal, Stephen Amell performs all of his stunts as long as it is possible.

He trained in basic hand to hand combat, parkour, and archery for the role. Amell is also known for his salmon ladder exercise in the TV series.

In his corner, Arrow will team up with Neville whose finisher is called the "Red Arrow." Neville is a former NXT champion and one of the most athletic and high flying superstars in the WWE.

They are set to face Stardust and King Barrett. Barrett is the reigning King of the Ring and a five time Intecontinental Champion.

WWE SummerSlam 2015 is a four hour event slated on  August 23, 2015 at the Barclays, Center in Brooklyn New York.  

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