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Samsung Galaxy S7 'Jungfrau' Up for Earlier Release Date? New OS, Processor & Specs Tipped! Price & Features Here [Rumors]

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Samsung is allegedly speeding up production of the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S7 to make up for disappointing S6 and S6 Edge sales, leading to speculations that the next generation device would be launched earlier than expected.

Phone Arena reported that a new Galaxy smartphone codenamed "Jungfrau" is scheduled for release in 2016.

It would probably see the light of day earlier as the Korean company is reportedly initiating a new production phase called "Agile."

"Agile" would provide light speed manufacturing by dividing several aspects of the development process into bigger chunks, contrasting the slower "Waterfall" method which allows for a smaller margin of error but makes changes near impossible to apply.

In the "Agile" system of manufacturing, a module is subsequently tested after it was completed, making alterations easier and the overall process much quicker.

Asia Today speculated that there is a possibility for an earlier release as the devices is expected to be ready by December 2015.

However, Phone Arena said that while the new device may already be ready for release by the fourth quarter of this year, the company may still not release it in time for the Holidays but would instead reveal it early into 2016.

That is not the only interesting thing Samsung has got going with their new device though.

The new Galaxy S7 would still be powered with a Snapdradon SoC, which the company ditched in the Galaxy S6 in favor of Samsung's very own chipset due to some notorious problems that mainly involve overheating.

Phone Arena cited a leaked document from the company which revealed that Samsung is taking another shot at Qualcomm's chipset.

According to the document, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 would be powered with a Qualcomm MSM8996 version, a codename used for the Snapdragon 820 chipset.

What makes this more interesting is that the new smartphone from the Korean company may contain both Snapdragon and Exynos under its hood with the latest Android M from Google.

However, Korean tech blogging site ET News said that these may still be Samsung's way of pitting one choice to another and testing which one is better before making the final call.

"It is true that Samsung Electronics is developing product using Qualcomm's chips, but it can be just for testing. Variety of causes probably went into effect if Galaxy S7 gets released with Qualcomm's chips," an insider told ET News.

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