Updated 03:59 PM EST, Sun, Jan 23, 2022

Get Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M9 & More Smartphones Below $400! Details Here

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Some great gadgets are being offered at $400 and below in deals that will surely make cell phone and techy fans excited.

AndroidAndMe reported that one of these deals include the HTC One M9, an AT&T-branded model, which can be unlocked when you buy it.

It is available on eBay for $379.99. The phone originally cost more than $500 when it was launched.

"It's worth noting that because this One M9 is unlocked, it'll work on non-AT&T GSM carriers, but T-Mobile users will only get HSPA on the refarmed 1900MHz network," added AndroidAndMe.

Ut also said that LTE users should not have a problem with this phone.

Another great offering on eBay is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which now costs $369.99.

AndroidAndMe explained that the phone will come in an AT&T-branded version. The phone originally carried an $800 price tag.

"Also like the One M9, this model will work on non-AT&T carriers, but T-Mo customers will only get HSPA on the 1900MHz airwaves," added the same report.

Though the Note 4 will soon be replaced by the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, AndroidAndMe explained that it is still a great catch because its specifications include a 2560×1440 display and 16-megapixel camera.

"It's also got a microSD slot and removable battery, two features that the Note 5 is expected to lack," the outlet said.

Phone Arena reported that the phones are great buys.

"If you like larger displays, removable batteries and would entertain the idea of using a stylus (or S Pen, as Samsung calls it), then you may want to try the Galaxy Note 4," Phone Arena advised buyers.

It added that the Samsung device "outperformed" the One M9 in terms of speed, though the HTC phone is a great catch with its "premium unibody housing."

In addition to these affordable devices below $400, Forbes listed below other great catch for tech lovers out there.

Xiaomi Mi Note ($370)

3000mAh battery
Full HD curved Gorilla Glass display
13MP Sony rear camera
4MP front facing snapper
3GB of RAM
Snapdragon 801 processor

- Huawei Honor 6 Plus ($399)

8MP front facing camera
5.5-inch full HD display
3GB of RAM, 4G
HiSilicon Kirin 925 processor
3600mAh battery

Asus Zenfone 2 ($199)

4GB of RAM
A 64-bit wuad-core Intel processor
Full HD display
13Mp rear facing snapper with a 5MP front-facing camera
Micro SD slot
3000mAh battery

- Archos 50 Diamond ($300)

1080p screen
16MP rear facing camera
2GB of RAM
Android Lollipop

All these great finds will surely save a few dollars but provide you with an efficient and high-tech gadget.

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