Updated 06:32 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

'Final Fantasy 12' Remake Coming Soon? Big Changes Expected in PS4 'Final Fantasy 7' Remake

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During the E3, Sony announced that it will be doing a remake of "Final Fantasy VII." Newsledge reported that apparently, it's not the only one.

In an off-hand announcement by composer Arnie Roth, at the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert, it seems that there is another Final Fantasy remake in the works. This was met by a lot of cheers from fans, with one even exclaiming, "are you serious?!"

While many wondered whether or not Roth just had a moment of confusion and slipped -- saying XII instead of VII -- Newsledge said the Final Fantasy network said Roth just finished discussing the remake for VII, so he's pretty certain which is which.

Kotaku noted, however, that it is pretty unusual for a composer to be making announcements as big as this. However, fans have already predicted that an FFXII remake will happen soon enough, especially after the success of FFX HD on the PS2, Vita, and PS4.

But while waiting for confirmation about the FFXII remake, here are the things that we do know about the updated FFVII:

1. GamesRadar reported that director Tetsuya Nomura called the changes for FFVII "dramatic," but not dramatic enough to make fans think they're looking at something totally new. Kotaku explained that the changes are necessary because nobody would play the game otherwise, considering that many of the fans love the Final Fantasy franchise for its storyline, and not the fighting itself.

2. Don't worry, major plot lines and other areas are bound to remain the same. Game Spot reported that Nomura previously said, "There are certain plot points we don't want to interfere with or disturb, nor will we want to change elements that fans have very big attachments to." This could also be due to the fact that Square Enix will have to sell the game to a younger generation who will want a fast-paced came, at the same time sell it to older-generation gamers who loved the story.

3. Finally, "Advent Children", which is a FFVII movie that Nomura directed in 2005, is said to offer inspiration for the remake. Specifically for visual reference, although fans can't expect Cloud and Tifa and the rest of the group to look exactly the same. Game Spot note that this is because of the difference in technology and also because the film itself is already 10 years old.

The updated "Final Fantasy VII" is slated for the PlayStation 4, but so far, no release date has been announced.

What are you most excited for about the upcoming "Final Fantasy" remakes?

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