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Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Divorce: Who Really Cheated? [Report]

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton both claim the other cheated, but who really did?

Latest updates on the Shelton-Lambert split surface, citing that both country singers claim that the other cheated which led to their divorce.

According to People, the 10-year marriage that grew in a sort of small-town love story in Tishomingo, Oklahoma came to a sudden and unexpected halt -at least to the fans and other onlookers - after their marriage ended in divorce last Monday.

The famous couple maintained their peaceful and quiet relationship, and basically did what their songs' lyrics tell you.

"We live in the middle of nowhere and have a totally different life away from work. We do the things we sing about in our songs - we go four-wheeling, we back-road, we fish, we eat at my mother-in-law's at least twice a week," Miranda told People back in 2014.

The couple, who owned a ranch described as a "small prairie fiefdom," had been admired by many, especially those around them.

"They're just very normal people, very down-to-earth, very caring country people," one of their tenants, Bakers Mercantile owner Jackie Baker, told the outlet.

But a shocking statement from an insider source cited by E! News revealed that the couple had been "living separate lives" way before they finally made it official by filing for divorce.

"Miranda and Blake have known [that ]this divorce [has]been coming for some time now," the source explained

The source adds that the duo "were just trying to find the right time to break the news to the public."

According to the report, Lambert and Shelton's "crazy schedules" that led to very minimal time together became a big factor in their breakup.

However, that is not the only reason. A source told Access Hollywood what really happened during a certain confrontation between the couple that became the turning point of their marriage.

The source declared that Lambert "admitted" to her husband that she had been having a "long time affair" with an unnamed man who was only described as "someone in the music business."

Apparently, that "someone" was country singer Chris Young who took to Twitter to defend himself.

"I don't normally address gossip but in this case I will. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda's divorce. That is totally FALSE," his post read.

But according to TMZ, the 31-year-old country singer claims that it was her husband who cheated and not her.

"It's a classic case of he said/she said... but sources close to Lambert say Shelton's the one who strayed... with a famous country singer no less," the report read.

Both Lambert and Shelton have yet to comment on these reports, making them mere speculations and should be taken as a grain of salt.

For the meantime, enjoy this "throwback" video recalling the couple's love story.

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