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'Destiny 2' Release Date: 'The Taken King' PS4 Bundle, Laurea Prima Emblem & More Updates Here

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After its release in September last year, "Destiny" has made the third downloadable contents (DLCs) with "The Taken King" announced just recently at the E3 2015.

Despite the new expansion, Ecumenical News  said the third DLC had  mostly negative reviews from gamers.

According to the report, "Most gamers who purchased the expansion were excited about the introduction of a new villain, but [were] disappointed at finding out that the main bad guy's minions are nothing but a blend of the existing enemies."

Users had to pay $40 for the DLC alone, the report adds.

Engadget reported that the "The Taken King" PS4 bundle is already a complete package for the gamers since one can have a copy of the two initial expansions of Destiny -- "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves."

There is also a digital upgrade to the collector's edition available. This reportedly includes three exotic Guardian class items with XP bonuses, three classic specific emotes, three armour shaders and an early access weapons pack.

The same report, however, noted that fans are still looking for the "physical aspects" of the game of the collector's edition including the "set's steel-book case, replica Strange Coin, modified Treasure Island Book and physical relics and artifacts."

The Playstation blog posted that the newest bundle will be available this coming September 15.

VG247 said that the game will come with the special Laurea Prima emblem, though players need to work hard to get it. It added that gamers need to complete all Destiny Year One Moments of Triumph on or before September 9 to sport the emblem.

Below is the list of the triumphs that need to be completed by the players.

    Bane of Atheon: Defeated Atheon on Hard

    Bane of Crota: Defeated Crota on Hard

    Bane of Skolas: Defeated Prison of Elders on Hard

    Chest Hunter: Find All Golden Chests

    Crucible Gladiator: Won 100 Crucible matches

    Defeated the Dark Heart of the Black Garden

    Light in the Dark: Prevented the summoning of Crota's Soul

    Light of the Reef: Captured Skolas in the Citadel

    Public Servant: Completed 50 Public Events

The blogpost also said that the new DLC of the game also features "a new story, new Guardian sub-classes with new Supers, new activities, new rewards, new weapons and new PvP maps" which will surely give gamers a better gameplay experience.

Players can also reportedly update their PS3 version to the PS4 without losing any progress.

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