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Women's World Cup Soccer 2015: US Team Faces Colombia in Make-or-Break Match

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The United States will remain in the Women's World Cup games after it defeated and ejected Colombia on Monday with a 2-0 victory.

The New York Times said that the Americans were scoreless during the first half of the game because goalkeeper Catalina Perez stepped up for her team though she was given a red card in the 47th minute for sweeping the legs of Alex Morgan.

Asked about her unfeminine way of playing soccer and her sometimes careless moves, Perez said the game is not a woman's game.

"Parents, men, not wanting you to play - 'this isn't a woman's game; you're manly.'" But I feel like we're opening a new path for all of soccer to grow in Colombia," she told The New York Times.

Colombia reportedly became "vulnerable" for bringing a woman down and allowed their opponents to get the advantage during the match.

Morgan had a renewed enthusiasm in the game despite being absent from the games for a long time because of a left knee bruise.

According to Washington Post, Morgan and Abby Wambach were able to show off their chemistry in the game but Wambach almost made the game disastrous for her team when she missed a penalty kick at a 0-0 standing. 

Despite this lapse, their defense proved to be really strong which did not allow the Colombians to penetrate and proceed with their gameplan.

The team will go against China on Friday's quarterfinals in Ottawa.

"We're just going to have to keep moving forward. They will definitely be missed, but no doubt we've got a deep squad," said midfielder Carli Lloyd.

The team has a lot to be thankful for Morgan as she was the true gamechanger during the match. "It's definitely a little bit a sigh of relief. As a forward, we always want to score goals, we're expected to score goals, and we needed that breakthrough after not converting the penalty. It was a breath of fresh air," Morgan said in a USA Today report.

She was able to play 155 minutes during their last two matches where the team claimed both victories.

Her teammate Megan Rapinoe said Morgan almost had her "old form" which she was not able to showcase for a while now, noted USA Today.

"I feel better and better each game. I think I'm seeing my speed, change of direction, my shot coming back. It feels good and hopefully in next game it will feel great," Morgan added.

On Friday, the U.S. team will prove their worth against China and the winner of the quarterfinal match will play against the winner of the Germany vs France Game, which will happen at the Montreal Stade Olympique on June 30 at 7 p.m.

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