Updated 03:06 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Warriors Lead NBA Finals After Defeating Cavs in Game 5

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NBA 2015 MVP Stephen Curry led his team, the Golden State Warriors, to win Game 5 of the NBA Finals, giving them the advantage versus the Cleveland Cavaliers as the series is now 3-2.

Curry, according to Yahoo Sports, was able to successfully shoot seven 3-pointers and made a total of 37 points in their 104-91 victory against the Cavs.

"We're not getting ahead of ourselves. In the locker room, if you walked in there was the exact same after a regular-season win. But we know the sense of urgency of the moment. It's a good feeling to get a win in Cleveland and understand we can get it done and how we need to get it done," Curry said.

The Warriors again worked their magic especially in the final quarter of the game, but Cleveland was able to tie it at 75-75 with just about eight minutes to go, as per The Guardian. Then Curry started a 25-14 run to give his team the edge over the Cavs.

Asked about the 40 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists of Cavs star LeBron James, Curry said they were trained not to get discouraged if he has the ball and score points.

"He has the ball in his hands a lot. Stick with the program. Don't get discouraged if he makes shots. He's going to. Over the course of 48 minutes, we hope we wear him down to make it very tough on him," added Curry.

Meanwhile, Cavs coach David Blatt told Yahoo Sports that he thought having center Timofey Mozgov playing only a few minutes on the game was the best way to win the game.

"And we were definitely in the game with a chance to win. So that's the way we played it," he added.

But it seemed like the Cavs could not keep up with the energy that the Warriors have been putting in their last two games. Matthew Dellavedova's defense against Curry has not been that good based from the points the MVP has been making. 

As for James, he said that the team still has a lot to work on come Game 6, which will be a make or break round for them.

"You know, we needed our best defensive quarter tonight in the fourth quarter, and we didn't get it. We gave up 31 points in the fourth. Some of them were free throws, but a lot of them were them just breaking us down," James added.

Meanwhile, Warriors fans are hoping that all is well with Curry after ESPN reported that the player showed symptoms of dehydration after Game 5. The discomfort reportedly started during the post-game news conference. Curry was given fluids for his dehydration in his locker room. The team assured that he will play in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday.

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