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NBA Finals 2015 Game 1 Updates: Will It Be The Warriors or The Cavs?

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The Golden State Warriors outclassed the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2015 NBA Finals' Game 1 which was pushed to overtime and highlighted the Warriors' strong strategy in going against the Cavs.

It was a 108-100 victory for the Warriors led by MVP Stephen Curry who made 26 points and led the team to claim their Game 1 success at the Oracle Arena on Thursday night, USA Today reports.

The same report said that it was Curry who showcased his tricks when the game was tied at 98-98, providing his team consecutive possessions, fouls and free throws which obviously gave them the advantage.

ESPN noted that the team only needed five minutes to show the LeBron James-led Cavs that they have what it takes to be the next NBA champions.

"It was just a classic five minutes that we needed to get that win," Curry told ESPN.

It was quite a feat for the Warriors as they were able to rally from a 14-point lead by the Cavs. Clearly, the 44 points, eight rebounds and six assists that James made during the game were not enough to give the Cavs the Game 1 advantage.

Cavs coach David Blatt noted that they should "do more around" James in the next games of the finals.

The overall performance of the team was not the only concern on Thursday as point guard Kyrie Irving was sent to the locker room because of extreme left knee pain during overtime and was not able to return to complete the game.

"Obviously you can see in the tone of my voice I'm a little worried," said Irving who was direly needed by the team with Kevin Love's absence.

Cleveland.com revealed that Irving will have an MRI before he can decide to join Game 2. The player reportedly left the arena on crutches. The site added that the team has another chance to prove their worth on Sunday and "erase a bitter memory of a great chance wasted."

Meanwhile, the Warriors are bent on stopping the Cavs—especially James—from winning a game as a similar ESPN report explained that the Warriors' plan to bring down the Cavs is to have James go with the game alone.

"James dominated the action, led all scorers with 44 points, made incredible plays and came incredibly close to victory. The Warriors will take it, though, and not just because they won," explained ESPN.

Maybe this will be the team's formula from now on in their aim to eventually beat the Cavs and grab their much-needed NBA Finals championship.

Nevertheless, the Cavs are not going to give up that easy. Game 2 on Sunday will surely be filled with more action coming from both teams. Let us see if the Warriors will be able to maintain a sweep.

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