Updated 03:38 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Warriors Guard Klay Thompson Playing in NBA Finals Game 1 Post-Concussion Protocol

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After passing NBA's concussion protocol, Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson has been cleared to play for Game 1 of the NBA Finals scheduled on Thursday.

It can be remembered that Thompson sustained the injury during his team's victorious game against the Houston Rockets to seal the Western Conference finals title on May 27. Post-game tests revealed that he had a concussion.

Yahoo Sports reports that Thompson had to practice for two days to complete the concussion protocol of the NBA.

"I felt great, honestly, these past few days. I feel like I'm getting my wind back. Tomorrow is the final tune-up and I'm just trying to stop the nerves and anxiousness or even the doubt as much as possible," Thompson said.

The guard still has a scar on his head from the kick on the head he received from Trevor Ariza.

He noted that he felt good joining the team during their practice on Tuesday. "Yesterday I was a little tired, but today I felt like I got my wind back," he added noting that his rhythm was not affected by the injury.

In a similar USA Today report, Thompson shared that he feels like he is ready for Game 1 of the finals and that he is 99.9 percent sure of it.

The second-leading scorer for the Warriors trailing MVP Stephen Curry, Thompson has a 21.7 points per game record.

On the issue of his team mishandling concussion injuries with National Basketball Players Association (NBPLA) executive director Michele Roberts saying that she was "mortified" of Thompson being cleared to return to the game after the accident, the guard said it was tough since he felt "alert and focused" at the time.

"They ultimately made a great call not to put me back in, and I was so proud the way our guys responded that final game and picked up the slack," Thompson added.

SFGate explained that after Thompson was cleared to return to the game after taking a shot from Ariza, he had to be taken back to the locker room when blood started coming out of his right ear.

After winning the game, Thompson celebrated the victory with his team inside the locker room where they played very loud music causing him to lose balance. He was taken home by his father and had episodes of vomiting later on.

However, he said that the concussion symptoms were gone by Thursday morning and that he was already able to run and take jumpers that weekend.

"The uncertainty of the last few days and having Game 1 in jeopardy was probably the most painful part of it. But I knew that was never going to happen. The week off was very beneficial. I was confident (Monday) that I would play, but (Tuesday) was just the icing on the cake," he added.

With Thompson back on the team, the Warriors are stronger again especially that their No. 2 scorer was declared fit to play again. 

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