Updated 11:15 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Now On The Market! Price, Location, Amenities & Photos Here

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On the list of odd celebrity acquisitions, Michael Jackson's onetime Neverland Ranch is on the top of the list.

As noted by the Washington Post, the compound, which has a mansion, a zoo, and an amusement park, is set on a 2,800-acre land on the Santa Barbara County in California. On top of the extravagance are more typical comforts fit for the life of a celebrity, which included a tennis court, a basketball court, and of course, a swimming pool.

It also has its own fire station, although currently unstaffed, and is installed with at least one artificial lake. In 1995, the ranch hosted children from different countries for a World Children's Congress. Actress Elizabeth Taylor also took advantage of the amenities that the ranch had to offer, having wed her seventh husband, Larry Fortensky, in the property in 1991.

If you're interested to acquire the property, real estate investment firm Colony Capital has listed the King of Pop's ranch for $100 million, almost six years after his death. When he bought the property in 1987, it reportedly had a value of $19.5 million, but with 22 buildings and a 12,000-square foot main house, two guest houses, and a movie theater equipped for magic shows, the value has increased significantly since then. Newsweek noted that the amusement park rides and exotic animals have already been removed, although a llama may still be at the premises.

Even if the property seems magical, there is a limited number of potential buyers as the price, as well as the ranch's history, have deterred many from putting up their offers. As mentioned by Newsweek, the ranch was an integral part of the scandal that surrounded Jackson in 2005, for child molestation allegations.

Other celebrities, however, are already eyeing the property, among which are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, with a little negotiation, as reported by Hollywood Life. Kanye, who has made a few visits to Neverland over the past ten years, reportedly has his heart set on buying the property for his family. A source said that "Kanye is desperate to own the Neverland but he's not prepared to pay the price they want." Apparently, the rapper is negotiating to knock off $15 million to the listed price.

To discourage fans from going to Jackson's estate, Newsweek reported that Sotheby's agents looking after the property are vetting interested buyers for their prequalifications, adding that their "seller is not encouraging a lot of showings. We're not going to be giving tours."

What do you think of this extravagant piece of property? Check out the photos here.

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