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'French Fry Burger Bomb' Created by The Vulgar Chef; See How It's Done Here

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We have all tried eating burgers and fries at the same time at our favorite local diner. But the vulgar chef, in his right frame of mind, decided to take the idea of "at the same time" to a whole new level. The blogger chef, who is well-known for not mincing words in blurting out his everyday expletives and expressions of salacity, came out with another one of his mouth-watering, if preternatural, recipes.

The vulgar chef had to figure out real hard what's best to call this recipe. And initially, he thought of referring to it as... no, never mind. Let's just stick to its current name, "The Burger Bomb."

A photo posted by #EatLikeShit (@thevulgarchef) on May 14, 2015 at 4:18pm PDT

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or a master chef for that matter) to go about this recipe. The Burger Bomb is actually some sort of a spinoff from the vulgar chef's other brainchild called the "The Burger and Fry Balls," which is basically leftover french fries rolled around a meatball.

And on this new take of the french fries-burger combo, you simply replace the meatball with a burger patty. The vulgar chef also throws in some slices of cheese in the fold. He then sears the burger bomb in a pan of pre-heated oil (with the option of deep-frying). The vulgar chef won't mind if you try to cook the whole thing longer than the usual (he actually overdid his own, admittedly), if only to make sure that the meat stuffed inside the fries will be well done.

And, that's pretty much it; you can plate it and serve with ketchup.

The french fries and burger duo may be too appetizing to pass up, but it's not the healthiest of food to include in your everyday diet, as well. So, make sure to exercise moderation, however hard it may prove to be.

Now, you are ready to try making one these french fry burger bombs, which is sure to cause an explosion of goodness in your mouth, at the convenience of your home; and we can be sure, it would be to the delight of your kids. The best thing about doing it on your own? You can be certain that what you'll be eating, is not as unclean as the mouth of the vulgar chef.

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