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'WWE 2K16' PS4 Xbox One PC Release Date: The Newest Gameplay Features & Flagship Roster Updates [Spoilers & Rumors]

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Rumored to debut on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this coming October, "WWE 2K16" looks like a game full of promises in terms of features and innovation which are expected to make up for the bug issues of the "WWE 2K15."

What can players expect from this next installment? Below is the rundown of its possible features and new offerings:

The appearance of Jim Ross

Gospel Herald explained that the WWE Hall of Fame commentator will likely be providing voice support in the upcoming game which is also believed to feature "historical matches and content." Ross was reportedly not included in the previous game installment which clearly disappointed many fans. This year could certainly be different as Ross himself hinted his inclusion in the game.

"In talks with 2K Sports to do some work on their next video game for WWE. Love the process and from what I'm told the new game will be extremely provocative and certainly has my attention already. Stay tuned," Ross was quoted in the Gospel Herald report as saying.

His addition to the game will mean that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler will have a new buddy in the commentators list.

New Body, Stamina System

Adding to the loads of features of the game is the new body system for the players which will allow them to properly react to actions like being struck in different body parts.

"Players can also use a variety of weapons including tables, folding chairs, kendo sticks, ladders and sledge hammers. There may also be a stamina system that determines whether players can complete a move for their favorite wrestler," wrote Gospel Herald.

Additonal weapon types

According to VC Post, players can use many weapons in this new game, including Kendo sticks, steel chairs, ladders, tables, baseball bats, sledge hammers which are all expected to have new weapon animations.

It added that game developer 2K Games have sought the help of several WWE stars like Chase Stevens, Cesaro, Damien Sandow, and even TNA Star Low Ki and Kaval to recreate moves and mannerisms for the game.

Increased CAW

It was also noted that 2K Games is planning to increase the "create-a-wrestler" slots which fell from 100 to only 25 in the "WWE 2K15" attributed to the inability of the company to compress the data for the game.

Citing WWE Brand Marketing director Bryce Yang's revelation that the upcoming game installment will be available in various platforms like the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, VC Post also noted that the game might also be available in tablets to attract a wider audience.

Among the legends rumored to be the flagship star of the game are Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Hulk Hogan among others, What Culture noted.

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