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Should Manny Pacquiao Retire Already? Facts, Stats, Opinions & Events to Consider So Far

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The recently-concluded "Fight  of the Century" was like an allusion to that Chinese parable where the impenetrable shield was pitted against an all-piercing spear. The question of who is going to prevail between the two greatest boxers of their time was now put to rest -- the best defense bested the best offense.

Pacquiao failed to figure out the Mayweather conundrum, joining 37 others before him. And maybe it's time for all his millions of fans out there to swallow the bitter pill, and accept the fact that their champion can no longer do it like the Manny of old; that it's probably time to hang the gloves.

Before the fight, ESPN's Skip Bayless was adamant on his stand that Pacquiao will emerge the victor. He swore by the Filipino superstar's "dad-killed-the-family-dog-for-food" will. But, Manny Pacquiao lost, and unlike the younger version of himself, he need not fight anymore like a desperate breadwinner who stakes everything in his scramble to put food on the table.

The once puny fighter from a dirt-poor family is now in a different place, and a whole lot more comfortable place at that. He knows he no longer lives in that dog-eat-dog world, and no one can blame him if he no longer fight like there's no tomorrow.

Manny Pacquiao's religion was also put into question on why he has lost his killer instinct. Did his new-found faith turn the once cold-blooded killer shark into a meek and docile sheep? Apparently, Pac-Mom Dionisia Pacquiao thinks so. In a 2012 article posted on the Inquirer.net, she blames the "Protestant pastors" on why his son lost focus in boxing. She also urged his son to revert to his old Roman Catholic faith.

There is also concern coming from his longtime trainer Freddie Roach, who believes that his fighter had been taking it easy on his opponents and pulling punches instead of going for the kill in his recent fights, as noted in the Skip Bayless article of ESPN.

Age also plays a factor -- 36 years of age may not be too old chronologically speaking. But, for athletes who earn their keep in contact sports like boxing, and for a warrior like Manny Pacqiao who has fought so many gruelling battles throughout his career, injuries and other wear-and-tear will definitely take a toll on their weary bodies.

Pacquiao has just had a corrective surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff on his right shoulder, and is expected to recuperate for one year, The Guardian reports.

One cannot serve two masters, the scriptures say. And, Mayweather has always taken the bum wrap for putting his money on a pedestal. It's no wonder that Floyd takes on the role of the ultimate antagonist in what was dubbed as "The Battle Between Good and Evil."

And yet, Manny Pacquiao is going against the grain himself with the several hats he has on. He is a boxer, a preacher, congressman, professional basketball playing-coach, recording artist, TV personality, movie star, commercial endorser, entrepreneur, and a father of five.

He proved himself as a jack-of-all-trades, but turned out a master of none, in the process. He has lost it even in the one sport where he has once displayed his mastery of. In his last 10 fights since 2010, the boxer, who was known for his flurry of powerful punches and fiery demeanor on the ring, has failed to deliver a single KO win. He was also rebuked for being the most absent congressman in 2014, as reported by GMA News.

As talented and gifted as Manny Pacquiao is, he cannot do it all. Manny Pacquiao should treat boxing as his full-time job just as much as public service commands an unstinting commitment from him. As the people's champ, an entire nation and legion of boxing fans around the world is banking on him; as a public servant, hundreds of thousands of his constituents deserve his undivided attention.

And, letting these people make do with whatever's left of his parceled time is short-changing them.

Do you think Manny Pacquiao should retire? Share your thoughts!

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