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'Frozen 2' Movie Trailer, Plot Spoilers & Release Date: Should Olaf Get Into Romance Too? [Poll]

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Anna's got Kristoff, and rumors about Elsa's potential love interest are still stacking up to this day. Is there any more room for another romantic pairing in the highly anticipated sequel for "Frozen?" Well, it turns out the sweet snowman Olaf could be in a romantic pairing, too.

Olaf, which was voiced by Josh Gad, is an enchanted snowman who came to life because of Elsa's magical powers. The creature is friendly, innocent, and incredibly fond of warm hugs -- a contrast of his ice cold physical persona.

Even though he is a snowman, it's notable how Olaf can easily communicate with humans by talking to them and helping them out of sticky situations. In "Frozen," he even offered to sacrifice himself to save Anna from dying. Because of this ability, we can't help but wonder if it's possible in Olaf's future to have a love interest. Perhaps someone who is also goofy, lovable, and caring as him?

What do you think? Should Olaf get into romance in "Frozen 2?" Vote below.

Elsa & Anna to Battle An Evil King?

"Frozen 2" creator and animation director Chris Buck has hinted that the sequel will take a page off the book of another famous story.

According to Venture Capital Post, Buck was apparently inspired to give "Frozen 2" a touch of L. Frank Baum's "Ozma of Oz." Buck also said that an ending for "Frozen 2" is already on-hand, but he also stressed out that the production team still "has a lot of things to figure out."

Venture Capital Post also wrote that the two child-friendly movies have stunning similarities when it comes to their main characters, adding that the shared strength of Dorothy of Kansas and Anna of Arendelle is similar.

With this, the two Disney princesses could be battling an evil king in "Frozen 2," while Master Herald speculated that the villain Prince Hans could come back in Arendelle as a redeemed person and help Elsa, Anna, and the inhabitants of the kingdom against evil forces.

When it comes to the sequel, Buck didn't deny the pressure being put on him and the rest of his team. According to him, he is "terrified" that "Frozen 2" will not measure up to its highly successful predecessor.

"How do we live up to the phenomenon of the first one? There's a lot of pressure," Buck said, as reported by Stuff. "I'm aware, with each movie I do, how it's going to affect people, especially young people. They don't just watch it once -- they watch it over and over again. So whatever message it is, whatever the theme, I always feel it has to be positive and empowering."

Peter Del Vecho, Jennifer Lee, and Buck are developing "Frozen 2" for Walt Disney Animation Studios. As what we reported last month, the follow-up will be released in 2018, with Idina Menzel expected to reprise her role as Elsa.

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