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iPad Pro Release Date Looming? Apple Unveils New Video Showcasing iPad Flexibility! Specs, Features & Price Details Here [News & Rumors]

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Apple recently released an introductory video on their new microsite highlighting numerous capabilities of the iPad.

Perhaps a strategy to boost the iPad's sales, the video claims that the tablet can "change the way you do things every day," Mac Rumors reported. The site indicates a variety of functions and categories which go well with the iPad, including traveling, cooking, redecorating, learning new stuff, and starting small businesses.

Watch the video below.

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that that iPad's revenue and unit shipments have dropped 29% and 23%, respectively, The Motley Fool wrote. According to Cook, the soaring sales of the iPhone 6 as well as the Mac causes the iPad's downfall. When asked what it would take to boost the tablet's sales again, the CEO said that "continued investments in [Apple's] product pipeline" is in the table, the news outlet added.

"I believe that iPad is an extremely good business over the long-term," said Cook, as quoted by The Motley Fool. "When precisely it begins to grow again, I wouldn't want to predict, but I strongly believe that it will."

New Video Hints at iPad Pro Production?

Though the introductory clip underlines the many uses of the tablet, some are wondering whether the video is also Apple's way of hinting at a new device - the iPad Pro.

The tech giant hasn't made any official announcement about the tablet yet, but rumors continue to surface about the iPad Pro. Check them out below.

Specs & Features

Apple Insider claimed that the tablet will come in with a 12.9-inch display, adding that the iPad Pro will possess features which its predecessors do not have.

According to the news outlet, the iPad Pro will be equipped with NFC radio, which would allow users to easily pair with future accessories and set the iPad Pro as a payment terminal for receiving Apple Pay transactions. The tablet is also rumored to have Bluetooth function, pressure-sensitive input capabilities, with a stylus paired with the device.

Venture Capital Post reported that the iPad Pro will have 2K resolution and a 7mm thin profile. The device is also said to be powered by an A9 processor and an 11,000 mAh battery. For connectivity, the USB-C and Apple's standard Lightning connector are rumored to be included in the tablet.

Price & Release Date

Ecumenical News said that the iPad Pro is rumored to cost "somewhere between the iPad Air and MacBook Air." Expert Reviews, on the other hand, speculated that the iPad Pro will be priced at £489 or $745, which is more costly than the iPad Air 2.

The tablet is also said to be launched at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. In contrast, Expert Reviews claimed that the iPad Pro could be launched around September or October.

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