Updated 05:00 PM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Met Gala 2015 'No-Selfie' Rule Violated by Celebs! See Who Took Snaps of Themselves Here

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Even celebrities love breaking the rules if it means they get to have their photo taken and posted for their fans. As Vanity Fair noted, even though stars at the MET Gala are instructed not to take selfies of themselves, they did so anyway.

This year, the the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala was co-chaired by  Anna Wintour (Vogue), Jennifer Lawrence, Marissa Mayer, Gong Li, Wendi Murdoch, and Silas Chou, according to Yahoo!

The event imposed a "no-selfie" rule, as they wanted the event to be "exclusive, elusive, and safe for guests," Vanity Fair wrote.

However, many celebrities refused to listen, with E! News noting that at least several celebrities violated the rule imposed.

The site also showed the exact notice from organizers, and it read, "The use of phones for photography and social media will not be permitted inside the gala."

As noted by Vanity Fair, among the rule-breakers are Madonna, Justin Bieber and Diplo.

Madonna posted a photo on her Instagram page, flouting authorities by hashtagging it with #unapologeticbitches.

Then there was Justin Bieber, who did not take only one, but two photos from inside the event, one with supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevigne, and the other with Lady Gaga.

While there seems to be a small number of stars breaking the rules, there's bound to be others doing the same thing. Even celebrities will break the rules especially if it's during one of the biggest benefit events of the year.

While on the discussion about the Met Gala however, this year's theme, as noted by QZ.com is The Influence of Chinese Art On Western Fashion Designers, and while many tried to be on point with Chinese-style gowns, many went for the classic black dress, and some went, well, see-through.

Still, some celebrities turned heads with their costumes, Rihanna, in particular, standing out. But maybe not in the best way. As noted by the Independent UK, Rihanna's elaborate gown was ridiculed with a lot of memes, a variety of the audience pointing out that the dress looked like omelette, or scrambled eggs, or even pizza. Despite being ridiculed, it turned out that the statement of a dress took years to assemble pain-stakingly by Chinese Designer Guo Pei.

Rihanna was quoted as saying about the dress, "I saw this beautiful beast on the internet. I was researching Chinese couture.... It's so well-made. It's handmade by one Chinese woman. It took two years to make this."

It's kind of sad that something so elaborate and labored lovingly turned into a few dozen memes in a matter of seconds, but hey, that's the Internet era for you.

Check out the rest of the photos from the Met Gala on Instagram. What do you think of this year's fashions?

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