Updated 03:04 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

iPhone 7 The Most Premium Apple Smartphone Yet? The Latest Release Date, Specs, Features & Price Details Here [Rumors]

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While Apple has not confirmed reports pegging its existence, the alleged iPhone 7 continues to make rounds over the headlines, as current details suggest its premium and durable hardware.

Design has always been one of Apple's strongest specialties, but the scandalous "Bendgate" may not be forgotten in the mists of time just yet. Videos questioning the iPhone 6 Plus' credibility as a durable hardware went viral, and now we're up to wonder how the next iteration of the iconic smartphone series can become.

In a recent article, International Business Times wrote that the iPhone 7 is rumored to use a material called the 7000 Series. This is known to be the same aluminum material utilized for the Apple Watch Sport Edition.

According to IBT, the Cupertino giant reportedly "holds an exclusive license" over the special Liquidmetal, a technology developed by Atakan Peker. Should the alloy apply to the next iPhone, prospects can expect products that are "lighter, slimmer, and stronger."

As cited by MacRumors, the 7000 Series is 60 percent stronger than most aluminum. It is known to be a third of stainless steel's density. Finally, it is said to have "a bright, lustrous color and a uniform structure free of defects and impurities."

That sounds premium.

Meanwhile, a recently-surfacing pattern cited by the AppleInsider suggests that the iPhone 7 will arrive with a setup that features both wide-angle and telephoto cameras. The patent, first filed in Oct. 2013, was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In simple terms, Apple is said to probe on possible methods of conveniently fitting two cameras in a single device.

AppleInsider describes, "Apple's invention proposes a separate small format telephoto camera be used in conjunction with a normal-to-wide angle camera like those found in current iPhone models."

"Considering physical restrictions and the current state of imaging technology, a dual-camera implementation would likely yield higher quality images than a comparable single-lens system with integrated optical zoom," the outlet added.

Most apparently, the mention of dual-camera technology rings a bell to followers, as the iPhone 7 is long-rumored to pack a DSLR-like shooter. The Ecumenical News is convinced that Apple could either layer one camera underneath the other or line them side-by-side.

The rest of the alleged device's specs and features likewise speak of might. In terms of display, the iPhone 7 is touted to come with a 4.7-inch screen, similar to the iPhone 6, Day Herald wrote. The handset's processor is expected to be the advanced A9 chip, coupled by 2 GB of RAM.

The iPhone 7 is predicted to launch in September, The Inquirer noted. With regards to cost, the outlet says it may be priced "similarly to last year's iPhone 6."

Again, these details are still best taken with healthy pinches of salt, as we wait for more official word from Tim Cook and company.

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