Updated 04:39 AM EDT, Mon, Jun 14, 2021

Reinstated! What’s Next for NFL RB Adrian Peterson & Minnesota Vikings?

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NFL running back Adrian Peterson is definitely back after the league reinstated him Friday following a suspension prompted by child abuse charges.

After missing almost the entire 2014 season, the NFL said that Peterson can now "participate in all activities" of his team, the Minnesota Vikings, The Atlantic reported.

It can be remembered that the running back was suspended in November last year after he reached a plea agreement in a child abuse case involving his four-year-old son. According to The Atlantic, Peterson used a switch to teach his child a lesson. He reportedly appealed his suspension but was denied.

A similar ESPN report said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote Peterson a letter informing him that he is "expected to fulfill his remaining obligations to the authorities in Minnesota and Texas, as well as the additional commitments Peterson made during his April 7 meeting with the commissioner, including participating in counseling."

The league also noted that other violations of the personal conduct policy would be punished with additional discipline like possible suspension without pay or worse, banishment from playing in the league.

ESPN added that the reinstated NFL player met with the commissioner this month about his reinstatement. It was noted that it was their first meeting since Peterson faced child abuse charges in September last year.

Peterson, according to ESPN, strictly followed the league's requirements for him to be reinstated and that he even met with New York University psychiatry instructor Dr. April Kuchuk for counseling and treatment.

With Peterson back on the team, what can be expected from the Vikings?

USA Today predicted that his comeback will make him "crack 2,000 yards in a season" since it noted that the football field could be a perfect avenue for him to release his remaining frustration over the recent legal circus in his life and career.

"Maybe this time, he'll indeed break the mark (Eric) Dickerson set in 1984. That would be quite a statement to complement the bold stand that Peterson took to fight the NFL over the discipline process - which to a large degree seemed to be as much about carrying the banner in another skirmish against Roger and Co," added the USA Today report.

On the other hand, there are also concerns on his age since he just turned 30 last month and people say that there is already an expected decline in his performance. But who knows, Peterson may still have the strength and determination for a few more seasons in the NFL.

Meanwhile Bleacher Report said that the returning player may just be the same when he plays his first comeback game; "same bullying, nasty, tornadic on-field punisher that we saw before."

It added that he may have used his time off from the league to hone his skills and come back a much stronger fighter. This is what his fans will look forward to when he returns on the field.

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