Updated 06:57 AM EDT, Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Kyrie Irving to Launch Own Underwear Line This Year

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Cleveland Cavaliers point guard and shooting guard Kyrie Irving will soon launch his own underwear line.

A TMZ report revealed that Irving signed a deal with the underwear brand PSD which has also tapped NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Stevie Johnson as their endorsers.

PSD revealed that the basketball star will "work directly with PSD's designers developing his own underwear line, becoming the face of PSD for the foreseeable future." The underwear line is expected to be launched later this year as per TMZ.

A similar Sports Kings article said that the "fast growing underwear company" was launched in 2007 in Hornell, New York, by brothers Curt and Ryan Flaitz, who reportedly toured the United States using only their RV.

After some years in the business, PSD was able to team up with former NBA Rookie of the Year and NBA champion Mike Miller. Sports Kings added that Irving already had a photoshoot with PSD so he is all set to have his own underwear line.

Since Irving is now in the underwear business, people can already "trust him with their junk," TMZ noted. This may be a hilarious statement but it indeed sums up what business the basketball player is entering.

Irving's interest in this type of business could be linked to an earlier report which stated that Irving likes to buy underwear when he travels. The Post Game said the superstar point guard travels light so instead of doing laundry before a road trip, he buys a new underwear.

"Sounds like a waste, but for a guy making about $5.4 million this year, his underwear is probably the least of his worries," added Post Game.

The outlet also noted that Irving "puts his suitcase together on the fly, without regard to whether his outfits match."

"I take everything from the dry cleaner and just throw it in there. I don't even know if it matches or anything like that, I just throw in shoes and my dry cleaning," Irving said.

The basketball player is the newest addition to the athletes who have been recently associated to underwear advertising like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook.

He may have gained interest in PSD's products which pushed him to commit to this kind deal. His fans are surely excited to see the PSD's upcoming materials featuring Irving.

If you're curious about what products PSD is offering, you might want to take a look at the company's website to have an idea on what types of clothing Irving will be wearing soon.

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