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'Frozen 2' Movie Release Updates: Should Prince Hans Be Given a Second Chance? [Poll]

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Disney's highly anticipated sequel, "Frozen 2," is still going through developments, but speculations have already surfaced about the hit animated flick featuring Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Without doubt, the follow-up's plot is something to be excited for, as well as new characters and brand new adventures for Arendelle's heroes. Some reports have suggested that some characters of the movie could come back with a totally different intent.

We previously reported about the theories suggesting that the first film's main villain, Prince Hans, could return to Arendelle as a redeemed person. With the possibility of a new female villain in the kingdom for "Frozen 2," Hans could be out of the picture as the bad guy and instead, help Elsa and her friends to defeat the new threat to Arendelle's peace. But the real question is: Does Hans deserve a second chance after all the deceitful things he did?

At first glance, Hans was the guy any girl could want. As The Atlantic pointed out, he is charming, polite, is nice to people and animals, and to top it all off, he's good-looking. But he was also the perfect example of a person who is not what he seems.

For those who have seen "Frozen," Hans proved to be a deceitful and cunning man in the end. His efforts to court Anna were all a ruse to steal Elsa's throne in Arendelle. Though this was thwarted by Elsa and Anna's sisterly love for each other, Hans' trickery resonated well with the viewers and made the movie's Wikia page for Hans to describe the character as "one of the sneakiest and most sinister Disney villains."

Not only was he successful in fooling the naïve Anna and the people of Arendelle, he also managed to trick the viewers into making them think that he was a good man. This example of Disney's "subversion of classic tropes," as noted by The Atlantic, is a reminder that "one may smile, and smile, and be a villain." Anna's other love interest, the simpleton Kristoff, even called on Anna's lack of good judgment for getting engaged to Hans in just a span of one day.

Sure, the big Hans reveal in the end of the film teaches kids a lesson: Not everyone who appears trustworthy is actually trustworthy, but it was still upsetting and "traumatizing when you're six or seven years old," the news outlet wrote.

The sequel is currently being developed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the same duo behind "Frozen," Variety reported. Peter Del Vecho is producing the animated film for Walt Disney Animation Studios. As what we reported last month, "Frozen 2" will be released in 2018, with the main actors reprising their respective roles.

Vote below if you think Hans deserves forgiveness.

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