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Becky G & Austin Mahone Dating Rumors: 5 Reasons Why Singers Could Be A Couple

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Rumors about Austin Mahone and Becky G's romantic ties have been going on for quite some time now. With pieces of evidence of their alleged romance piling up every so often on social media websites, fans of the duo are being led to believe that there is something special brewing beneath their friendship.

Listed below are five reasons why the two pop stars could be dating.

Their music is about each other

A few weeks ago, Hollywood Life reported that Mahone's new track titled "Someone Like U" is directed at Becky. In a video clip he posted on Instagram, the 18-year-old crooner was seen in a dimly lit studio surrounded by candles, setting off a romantic vibe. He sings, "Someone like you/ Someone like you/ Cause you wrap me up with loving/ I can see us start to."

Latina also reported that Mahone recently revealed about his upcoming song collaboration with his rumored flame. According to the singer, "It came out really nice and cool. I've been friends with her for a while and we've been talking about doing a song together, so we finally made it happen."

They hang out a lot

On the evening of Becky's 18th birthday, Mahone took to Instagram to greet the "Can't Stop Dancin" singer. In the photo, the celebrant playfully sits atop a wooden wagon while Mahone wheels her around.

San Antonio Express News added that Becky posted multiple photos from her birthday, one of which "showed a collage of Polaroid-style shots with a special emphasis on a picture of the two standing close and laughing."

A separate report from Hollywood Life cited several sources, who claimed that the rumored couple was spotted having flirty studio sessions. The pair have "spent so much time goofing off" and Mahone was even seen "lifting her up and carrying her over his shoulder" fireman style. The insider also shared that Mahone was always teasing Becky, "but it's so obvious he's doing it to flirt with her."

The duo also rode a rollercoaster ride in amusement park in Florida, J-14 reported. They were even sitting side-by-side in the thrilling ride.

Speaking about hanging out with Mahone, Becky gushed, "He's a great guy! I enjoy spending a lot of time with him. He was in L.A working on his album, so we hung out a lot and it was cool! It's nice to get to know people who are the same age as you that do the same things, because it's like a different level of understanding," as quoted by Latina.

They give each other gifts

Rumors about the duo fired up some more when Becky, whose real name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez, Instagrammed a snapshot of the bouquet of red roses she received on her birthday, captioned with: "#MyBae." When asked if Mahone was the one who gave it to her, she told J-14, "Maybe. I got a lot of flowers on my birthday."

They influence each other's tastes

A report from Twist Magazine also pointed out that Mahone and Becky like the same workout. In a photo he posted on Instagram, he was featured kick boxing for the first time, a sport which his rumored flame is also fond of.

They speak fondly of each other

Despite these dating rumors going around, Mahone and Becky still stick to their claim that they are just really close friends. A proof of their closeness can be seen whenever they talk about each other in interviews or on their respective social media accounts.

"I mean, he's cute. He's super-cute, he's good-looking, that's for sure. But no, there's nothing like that," Becky said of Mahone, who previously dated Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, as reported by Sugar Scape.

Back in February, Mahone tweeted: "@iambeckyg is my favorite person in the whole world."

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