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NFL 2015 Season News & Predictions: Extra Point Changes Expected! Get the Details Here

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For this year's season of the NFL, significant and exciting changes on the extra point are expected to be adopted by the league.

As told by ESPN, team owners have not voted on the extra-point proposals, but they have already discussed possible changes. It was also reported that such will be the focus of discussions once they start league meetings in May.

"There's a clear movement to wanting to change and change it this year," said competition committee co-chairman and Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay.

The committee is reportedly bound to "develop alternatives and be ready for a potential vote" in two months time.

According to USA Today, the leading proposal came from the Pittsburgh Steelers, which encourages more teams to take the two-point conversion "by moving the extra-point snap from the 2-yard line to the 1½-yard line."

Aside from these details, other possibilities include moving the line of scrimmage back for points after touchdown (PAT) kicks, eliminating PAT kicks entirely and requiring teams to run a play from scrimmage.

In addition, McKay claimed that Wednesday's discussions were lively, generating a lot of ideas from the 32 teams.

"A couple coaches said they favor just lining up on the 2 and going for the two-point play. Or move the ball to the 1½ for two points, or kick from the 15 for one, your choice," he added.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that the Indianapolis Colts' proposal has been withdrawn on Wednesday. This called for a bonus kick after a two-point conversion. It was noted that the team did not expect the proposal to get voted on.

In explaining the idea behind their withdrawn proposal, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson expressed wanting "to encourage dialogue" so that the extra point will not just be ceremonial play.

"Even if you want to move the extra point back, if you don't do it significantly enough, you don't affect the dynamic of the play. So, I think it's got to be something [significant]. And it's for the preseason. It's not some crazy thing like we're pushing to have this in the playoffs only or something. It's something to try out," Grigson went on.

The discussions reportedly ended with the Chicago Bears' proposal -- for each team to be granted one possession in overtime "regardless of what happens on the first series" -- being voted down.

With the upcoming season, Sportswire earlier predicted that young wide receivers like Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Chris Matthews will shine in the league, as they are expected to contribute more points to their respective teams.

What do you think about the proposed changes?

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