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iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs & Features: High Expectations for Improved Battery Life [Rumors]

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At this point, it isn't unusual to hear word about successors to Apple products unveiled in 2014 or earlier (looking at the iPod touch). The world has met one of its thinnest tablets through the iPad Air 2, and we're certainly looking forward how its sequel -- the rumored iPad Air 3 -- is going to be like.

Since the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 just came out in October, Apple's lack of word is fairly understandable.

But the iPad Air 3 doesn't run the grapevine solo. Before the calendar makes another turn, the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro (aka iPad Air Plus) are likewise touted to arrive.

In case you haven't heard, the world's thinnest tablet thrives in the existence of the Dell Venue 8 7840. Its thickness came at 6 mm, just 0.1 mm thinner than the iPad Air 2.

As told by the Venture Capital Post, rumors have it that the iPad Air 3 arrives in September or October. Considering Apple's release pattern, this may not be news, but the length of time needed to craft the product raises interesting questions as to what's in store for prospective buyers.

Are we bound to see a major design overhaul? Will it run iOS 9? What other features could it possibly include?

And the most intriguing of them all: could it get any thinner?

The VC Post had the mention of "fans," who reportedly believed that there is no need to trim the next iPad's thickness. This appears to be a concern aimed at avoiding compromise in durability. Of course, nobody wants a fragile device.

Dell's ability to build a 6 mm tablet may have resulted from a combination of factors, hardware and specs in mind. Until Apple speaks out, the idea of a 6 mm (or less) iPad Air 3 may only be speculated. The Cupertino giant brands the iPad Air 2 as "impossibly thin," so we'll definitely be on the lookout how its successor fares in the future.

Most iPad Air 3 rumors, however, agree about an improved battery life. For one, Macworld has written, "It might make sense for Apple to focus more on power efficiency than on sheer processing welly, and try to improve battery life."

For ipadair3update.com, great speed translates to bad battery life. According to the report, people expect an improved battery life in the iPad Air 3, and this sounds more like a wish that Apple might finally grant.

Running with a quad-core processor clocked at 2 GHz, the iPad Air 3 could have more than 15 hours of battery life, the VC Post said.

As we've previously noted, the device is purported to pack an A9X chip, 4 GB of RAM and color options silver, space grey and gold.

Are you an iPad Air 2 user? What changes should the next iPad Air pack? Sound off in the comments section.

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