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Kendrick Lamar New Album 2015 Release Date: 'The Blacker the Berry' Lands No.2 on Twitter

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Kendrick Lamar is having a good year so far. After his big wins on the Grammys last February 8, the rapper debuts his song, "The Blacker the Berry" on the no.2 slot of the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks, when it earned more than 3.8 million global views on YouTube from its debut on February 8, up until February 18. According to Billboard, this is Lamar's second-highest peak among his seven chart entries - the top song was "I" which topped the charts on October 11, 2014, and earned him his two Grammys, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Unfortunately for Lamar, his song did not debut at the top spot because Taylor Swift's "Style" is still reigning supreme - her third chart-topper from her latest album, 1989. "Shake It Off" ruled the top spot for a week, while "Blank Space" dominated it for three.

With the release of "The Blacker the Berry," came the bigger question: when will his album debut?

According to News Everyday, fans are still awaiting for news, and despite the hype and the well-received single, not much is known about it, neither the album title nor the album cover have been leaked to the media.

However, if "The Blacker the Berry" is any indication on what fans could expect from the album, it's bound to be heavy, as the single itself features topics like racism, hypocrisy, and police violence.

News Everyday also noted that the single is the exact opposite of his Grammy-winning "I" which touches on the theme of self-awareness.

With only a few weeks since its release, "The Blacker the Berry" has already garnered a lot of praise, with the Oswegonian writing, "The lyrical aspect of this song stands out the most because it's been a long time since a rapper has decided to tackle the topic of racial injustice and stereotypes in their music. "The Blacker the Berry" is a representation of why the genre of hip hop was started in the first place, as it demands listeners to pay attention to its meaning so they too can be aware of the issues."

However, with very little information released about his new album, fans will have to wait until his next single to see how this will be different from his last album. With a lot of music festivals coming up, fans may just hear more from the rapper.

What do you think about Kendrick Lamar's brand of rap music, does he set himself apart from other rappers by speaking about socially relevant issues?

Check out "The Blacker the Berry" here:

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