Updated 08:22 AM EST, Fri, Jan 21, 2022

NBA All-Star Weekend: Kevin Durant Says Media 'Really Don't Know s***'

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A blunt statement came from Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant when he was asked by the media about the job security of coach Scott Brooks.

"You guys really don't know s---," Durant told members of the media on Saturday during the All-Star Weekend.

The coach has been receiving criticisms from the press but Durant has always supported Brooks. For the basketball player, the coach deserves more credit, ESPN noted.

When asked what the media should concentrate on, Durant expressed that he cannot control what the journalists write.

"To be honest, man, I'm only here talking to y'all because I have to. So I really don't care. Y'all not my friends. You're going to write what you want to write. You're going to love us one day and hate us the next. That's a part of it. So I just learn how to deal with y'all," he was quoted by ESPN as saying.

This new manner from the OKC player, according to ESPN, may have been caused by the frustrating injuries he previously suffered which made him miss 26 games. He used to be polite and mild-mannered when talking to the press, the report added.

But the player claimed that since he is older, he has found the confidence and strength to express himself better.

"My first few years in the league, I was just finding myself. I think most of the time, I reacted based off of what everybody else wanted and how they viewed me as a person. I am just learning to be myself, not worrying about what everybody else says, I am going to make mistakes," Durant said.

He added that he aims to show the people that athletes and even celebrities are not robots and that they are capable of feeling emotions.

"I am just trying to express mine and try to help people along the way. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I am just this guy that is programmed to say the right stuff all the time and politically correct answers. I am done with that. I am just trying to be me and continue to grow as a man," he added.

NewsOK, in a similar report, said that there was a buildup of frustration for Durant with his injury-marred seasons which has rendered him unable to perform well during his past games.

To answer queries about the growing concern on his injury problems, Durant noted that his love for basketball and the people around him make him feel blessed despite recent concerns on his professional career.

"I love basketball. I love being out there in front of my teammates and playing in front of our crowd... It's days that I am frustrated because I have these little nagging injuries that keep creeping up. But when I look at the big picture of things I'm blessed to be here," he was quoted by NewsOK as saying.

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