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'Boruto: Naruto The Movie' U.S. Release Date, Trailer & News: Plot Details You Should Know

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The Last Naruto movie had been a success, and because of that, Masashi Kishimoto and the team who made the film possible planned on releasing the next in the franchise for August. It will be the eleventh Naruto movie, called "Boruto," and it will be a spin-off of the hit Japanese anime.

"Boruto," however, will revolve not on Naruto and the gang, but around the next generation of ninjas, as noted by the International Business Times. The film, according to the website, will focus on Sasuke's and Sakura's daughter, Sarada, and Naruto's and Hinata's son, Boruto, who is also known as "Bolt." He also happens to be the prince of the Hyuga clan, the seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

Kishimoto revealed to Anime News Network, "I conceived a story in which Bolt and [Sasuke's daughter] Sarada appears. Sasuke and Sakura also appear." He did not reveal a lot of details regarding the plot, however, there have been speculations of a love interest between Sakura's and Hinata's children.

But the manga series has already ended, didn't they? According to KPopStarz, Kishimoto insisted that despite ending the series, he hasn't stopped working on the characters yet, explaining, "Even though the manga ended, I haven't taken a break. I am also thinking about Bolt's lethal technique."

Naruto's voice actor, Junko Takeuchi, also confirmed the sequel, saying, "I can't possibly guess what's it about. But I'll enjoy it."

Initially titled "Naruto: The New Era Project," "Boruto: Naruto The Movie" is also thought to include Orochimaru, the most powerful enemy of the new generation ninjas who, according to Crossmap, were revealed in the original Manga's 700th chapter. There were also some speculations of a fighting sequence between the villain and Naruto in the animated film, and if that's true, that is certainly going to be something to look forward to.

There is a lot to look forward to the "Naruto" franchise, because the website also said that a manga miniseries will also be released by Spring. The scriptwriter Akira Hagashiyama, who wrote "Naruto Shippuuden: Blood Prison" will also be releasing the novels that will be produced next year, the first of which will be about Kakashi Hatake.

For fans of Naruto in the US, the last movie, which is now holding the highest opening sales of the franchise is going to arrive in theaters this February.

What are you looking forward to most about the several spinoffs and film releases of the Naruto franchise, is Kishimoto right in not laying the characters to rest, or should the series have ended as the manga did?

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