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iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Features & Price: Wireless Charging Confirmed? Could Be Up for Early Launch!

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The rumor mill is already churning out speculations on Apple's next flagship, even if the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were released not too long ago. At this point, it remains uncertain whether the Cupertino giant sticks to the convention of crafting an -s model (which would give us the iPhone 6s), or jumps straight to a whole new digit.

As told by the Christian Post, reports have claimed that the iPhone 7 launches in Sept. 2016. While Apple has not confirmed a word, the option most likely lives on as a possibility, considering that the device's predecessors were introduced in the same month. But really, 2016?

It might be good to hear that there are also claims which put on a much earlier release date. According to ValueWalk, Apple plans to halve -- that is, trim in between -- its smartphone upgrade cycle. Technically, if the information holds truth, the company would be launching the iPhone 6s alongside the Apple Watch, while the iPhone 7 is suggested to arrive "sometime" in September or October 2015.

That said, we might just see two new iPhones this year. Certainly better than one, right?

Of course, the reports go without mention of size variants such as Mini, Plus and whatever else that may come out in the open.

ValueWalk also indicated that Apple has already owned patents for wireless charging systems, although none of the existing iPhones has packed such yet. However, owning patents means good news, as it only suggests that the idea has been carefully planned and thought of.

Speculations geared towards the technology have popped since November. Referring to the iPhone 7, Macworld then wrote, "Wireless charging could be a reality this time around."

Today, headlines all over Apple and Samsung's alleged partnership for the iPhone 6s / iPhone 7's processor are rampant. As told by Forbes, the Korean tech giant might just be the lead manufacturer for the majority of A9 chips set to power the next Apple flagship.

It's ironic to think how the world's biggest rivals in the smartphone industry can team up for the benefit of another -- though it also looks like mutualism under the hood. If the rumors hold truth, Samsung, logically speaking, must get something in return.

Furthermore, The Motley Fool cited a recent report from the Counterpoint Research, which revealed that Apple has started to build traction in South Korea -- Samsung's home country. Now we're looking at odds for the Galaxy S6.

Aside from an A9 chip, the iPhone 7 is rumored to pack a 20 MP iSight camera, 256 GB storage space, 4G network support, built-in projector, virtual button and iOS 9 support, GSMArena noted.

In terms of price, the device is believed to retail at least "around $649," the Christian Post said.

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