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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview & Spoilers for Nov. 25, 2013: Post-Survivor Series, Will John Cena vs Randy Orton Headline WWE TLC 2013?

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After a 2013 Survivor Series that saw both Randy Orton and John Cena retain their respective titles, the WWE heads to Nassau Coliseum where former Super Bowl winner, New York Giant defensive end, and current co-host of the Kelly & Michael morning show, Michael Strahan, will make an appearance on Monday Night Raw.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena not only took care of business against former champion Alberto Del Rio, coming out victorious in front of his Boston hometown crowd after a hard fought rematch against ADR, but he butted in on WWE Champion Randy Orton's celebration after the Viper's successful title defense against The Big Show in the main event. WWE.com reports that Mr. McMahon stormed into the arena and had harsh words for Cena after match but how will The Authority react to the world champion's actions? And what will "The Apex Predator" do to Cena after stealing his spotlight?

Mark Henry returned from a hamstring injury in a big way, answering Ryback's Survivor Series open challenge to the locker room. Henry proved he is 100 percent healthy even attempting a successful cross body-press that surprised the bully before finishing Ryback was finished off with The World's Strongest Slam. What's next for the former champion and World's Strongest Man?

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, known otherwise as "The Best and the Beard," got a measure of sweet revenge on the Wyatts, defeating Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in an entertaining tag team match at Survivor Series. Bray Wyatt controlled traffic for his clan from his rocking chair at ringside, but was attacked by Punk during the match before pinning Harper for the victory. Wyatt seemed ready to strike at the former champions after the bout but retreated instead, probably to hatch a new plot. Will the creepy clan continue their sneak-attacks on Punk and Bryan? What do they have in store for the "Best and the Beard" on Monday Night Raw?

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WWE Monday Night Raw airs at 8 p.m. EST Monday on the USA Network. 

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