Updated 05:47 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 21, 2020

Real Madrid News & Rumors: Cristiano Ronaldo Banned for Kicking & Shoving Opponent

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Real Madrid's star Cristiano Ronaldo will be facing a two-game suspension after he shoved and kicked an opponent during a La Liga game over the weekend.

Ronaldo was slapped with the suspension as Sports Illustrated noted that Ronaldo kicked Cordoba defender Edimar during the game last Saturday which Real Madrid won with a 2-1 victory.

His suspension was announced on Wednesday and explained that he received a red card for "kicking an opponent with the ball not within playing distance," added Sports Illustrated. It was earlier reported that he will already miss Saturday's match against Real Sociedad and his presence won't be felt in their game on Feb. 4 against Sevilla.

Sports Illustrated explained that he will return for the Atletico Madrid match scheduled on Feb. 7.

Eurosport recalled that last week, Ronaldo initially "appeared unrepentant" when he was sent off the court as he smirked at the referee and stroke the World Cup Winner's badge on his shirt. The player, however, apologized for his actions soon after the game.

"I apologise to everyone and especially Edimar for my thoughtless action in today's game," he was quoted by Eurosport as saying.

The actions of the reigning two-time Fifa World Player of the Year, were seen by his fellow athletes in the league as acts that need to be punished.

Though he felt for Ronaldo, Barcelona's Neymar told Independent that Ronaldo deserved the punishment he got.

"Those of us playing as forwards are exposed to provocations and intimidation and sometimes you lose your nerve. It's clear we cannot do that under any circumstances. He must be punished because of the aggression. It is difficult because sometimes there is provocation," Neymar explained.

He noted that the same thing has already happened to other players in the field including him. "Nobody has the coolness to remain calm 100 per cent of the time. We must think with our heads. I think he should be punished. It is the referee's responsibility to protect players on the pitch, particularly when they are targeted by hard challenges. Hard tackles must be punished," he added.

Rumors earlier circled that Ronaldo was going to be suspended for about 12 matches because of what he did to Edimar but those speculations were immediately erased after the announcement of his suspension.

In February last year, the player was also suspended for hitting Athletic Bilbao's Carlos Gurpegi and for performing a mocking gesture. Ronaldo surely needs to watch his actions sometimes to avoid getting involved in things like this and to avoid getting anymore penalties for his attitude.

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