Updated 06:51 AM EDT, Tue, Apr 20, 2021

Alexis Sanchez Cheating Scandal: Girlfriend Laia Grassi Deletes Photos; Camila Andrade Reveals Dirty Details

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It's becoming a nightmarish Christmastime for Alexis Sanchez. Apparently, blonde beauty Laia Grassi has just announced that she has given up on Sanchez and his two-timing ways through deleting all their photos on her Instagram account, reported the Daily Mail.

"Alexis Sanchez's girlfriend Laia Grassi has deleted every Instagram photo of the Arsenal forward less than three weeks after he was accused of texting former Miss Chile, Camila Andrade, behind her back," the report said.

That would have been a hard task because, the New York Post said, the Instagram account was riddled with pictures of her beside Arsenal's Chilean superstar.

Chile's 2013 representative to the Miss World pageant in Indonesia claimed that Sanchez pursued her in November, and the issue became a hot topic in the £32-million signing's home country.

"Alexis invited me out for a meal while he was back in Chile preparing for the World Cup," she said, as quoted by the New York Post. "I was between boyfriends at the time and it was the first time that he'd asked if we could meet up."

After Andrade, 23, turned the date down, Sanchez was pictured on a Mexican beach, having a holiday with no less than Grassi, said another Daily Mail report.

She added: "I turned him down because he wasn't my type and I knew that many of the times he'd messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less. When he was in Disneyland Paris with Laia [Grassi] in February he sent me a picture of himself on his own. I knew he was with her because I'd seen pictures in the paper and I really couldn't stop laughing," per the New York Post.

"I messaged him to say: 'How nice, you're with your girlfriend, I'd love to be where you are with my boyfriend' and he replied: 'No I'm with my little nephew or young cousin or some young relative,' I don't remember exactly."

"All these starstruck young girls need to see all these footballers are the same and are not to be believed," she said in the earlier Daily Mail article.

The issue came on the heels of two more accusations.

La Cuarta, a Chilean newspaper, claimed that Sanchez's declining form recently was allegedly because aside from his hectic schedule, he also has a very active sex life with Grassi. Meanwhile, the 25-year-old also previously made headlines because former girlfriend Mary Plaza claimed she was pregnant with the player's child.

It does not end there.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed: "...Sanchez had a groin problem for some time, and he has played 27 games," per Arsenal.com. He was explaining why he dropped Sanchez from the lineup for a Tuesday game against Galatasaray, even as he started in every game in the last two months.

According to the International Business Times, Sanchez played more minutes in all competitions than any other Premier League player and could really use the rest. The team won 4-1.

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