Updated 03:23 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

NBA Trade Rumors & News: Kevin Love to LA Lakers? Dion Waiters, Brandon Bass in Demand

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Not living up to the "Dream Team" they stood for in the NBA's preseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers might have something wrong with their machine, fans are speculating.

With a 6-7 record in 13 regular season games and ranked third to the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks in the Central Division, some are thinking Kevin Love must go and Nick Young must be plucked from the Los Angeles Lakers to help out.

"Of course, it's not panic time ... but restructuring the roster is always a possibility," said Latin Post.

Noting that it is impossible for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to go, the report said the Cavs might be better off sans Love, who the team acquired in the offseason from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He is not meshing with the Cavaliers system well at this point, chalking up a career-low 9.8 rebounds per game and just 16.2 points compared with 26.1 last year, Latin Post added. He is also performing poorly with his three-pointers and blocks.

Rumor also has it that Love wants to be with the Lakers, as reported by CBS Sports. Sam Smith of Bulls.com said Love might be opting out of his Cavs contract for that.

"It would be financially foolish for Love to not opt out for the summer of 2015," CBS Sports said, explaining he can increase his earnings from $16.7 million to more than $18.5 million if he opts out.

"The Cavaliers should explore all options going forward. They should even consider trading Love before the NBA trade deadline so they can get value in return," the Latin Post said, meanwhile. The deadline is Feb. 19, 3 p.m. EST.

Young is a good trade, Latin Post said. He would be a quality shooting guard with the Cavs and Love would be playing with the team he is eager to join, and would replace Pau Gasol as their big man.

Meanwhile, sources are saying Dion Waiters and Brandon Bass might also be traded.

Bass, a 29-year-old forward who enters free agency this offseason, is only with the Boston Celtics until he is bought for the right price, said Celtics Blog.

"Bass is a bit of a luxury on a team that can't really afford too many luxuries," said the report. "So none of this should come as any surprise." It said teammates have also been awaiting his departure, even quoting Rajon Rondo.

Waiters, a teammate of Love, is taking "ill-advised shots" for a team with too much shooting force, said Youth Health Magazinequoting Adam Fromal, of the Bleacher Report: "Serious question. How many starting-caliber players in the NBA are worse fits for the Cavs than Dion Waiters?"

According to the report, Waiters is not ready to take a supporting role to James and Love, and is not needed on the roster.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks might be interested, the magazine said, per ESPN's Bradford DoolittleThe Knicks may field Iman Shumpert to get him, Travelers Today added.

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