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'Dancing With the Stars' 2014 Winner: David Rodan Wins Season 19; Top 5 Performances

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David Rodan has proven that he can be the king of the dance floor as well, having won Australia's "Dancing With the Stars" this year. 

The retired Australian Football League (AFL) player has emerged as a favorite after showing off his dancing skills since Day 1, reported Woman's Day.

The 31-year-old Fijian and partner Melanie on Tuesday, ruled the stiff contest with Lynne McGranger of "Home And Away" and Ricki-Lee Coulter, collecting 120 points or perfect 10s from four judges in three performances, the Daily Mail said.

Praised for being a "born performer," he said, "I never thought I'd feel this way about dance," per the report. The contest began with eleven pairs, all of whom opened the finale.

We listed his Top 5 performances on the show, proving once and for all that he was born to dance:

[5] Finale, Quickstep -- 40 points

Who can get enough of this perky routine?

They broke out of a poster with a big smile and lots of energy. If the orange suit is not enough to get you to clap, it's really how quick and precise -- and playful -- the pair's work was.

As the Daily Mail said: "The footy star pulled out all the stops and more - a cartwheel, jump and dramatic fall to the fall ending -to wow the panel of judges."

[4] Semifinals, Bollywood -- 40 points

Melanie said this hoppy, theatrical dance from India would be way out of her comfort zone, while Rodan said it was the hardest thing he's done -- "The legs are doing one thing, the hands are doing another."

If there's one thing this routine proved, it's that outside of football, Rodan is still one fit man. He did justice to the fast-paced music and multiple stunts. 

[3] Week 7, Cha-Cha/Samba Fusion -- 35 points

The week Team Pop performed, Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright got injured and couldn't perform, so the team had to adjust last minute.

Rodan was the only nonprofessional male dancer in the bunch but his pops and locks were as snappy as the others'. They won against Team Rock by three points.

[2] Week 6, Tango -- 33 points

Dancing to Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow" and in a great set, the pair did not disappoint with their dark and angry piece.

Although they were third in the rankings on Round 1, the judges admitted how he might be the best dancer among the celebrities since the show began.

[1] Week 1, Cha-Cha -- 34 points

They were No. 2 in the rankings with their routine, shy of one point for a tie with Kyly Clarke, but he moved like it was not his first time.

For the last dance of the finale, the finalists were on People's Choice. He reprised that Cha-Cha then to make a perfect 40.

It was a faceoff between the eventual winner and McGranger. Coulter was eliminated via sudden death using public vote after racking up 78 points, much better than McGranger's score.

According to News.com.au, Rodan won after the final scores were combined with viewer's votes - 50 percent of the final score.

The former Richmond and Port Adelaide player is the second AFL player to bring home the mirror ball trophy, next to Anthony Koutoufides in 2006, News.com.au added.


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