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WWE Survivor Series 2014 Results

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WWE Survivor Series promised to be action-packed -- and although it had its crests and troughs, the game ended on a high note with the Sunday night debut of Sting.

People watching the game live in St. Louis, Missouri, and on their TV screens were amazed with the main-event surprise, said Yahoo Sports. Here's a rundown of what unfolded.

[1] Fandango wins against Gabriel

In a leg drop, Fandango claimed victory against Gabriel, the Bleacher Report said. However, the outlet believes the new Fandango sporting pants and a shirt is a marketing flop.

[2] Jack Swagger wins on submission

Cesaro opted out after a patriot lock, in a match the Bleacher Report awarded with a "B-."

"...[T]hese guys, by goodness, gave it their best," it said. "It was a regular match squeezed tightly to fit into a truncated space."

[3] Mizdow pins Goldust to win

Mizdow and The Miz won against defending champs Gold and Stardust, and The Usos and Los Matadores. The defending champions lost after taking the title and defending it from The Usos, SkySports said.

[4] Naomi gives team win

Taking a poor "D+" from the Bleacher Report is Diva match, which even had the crowd cheering for the previous match still.

The teams were Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla; and Natalya, Emma, Alicia Fox and Naomi, Wrestling Inc. said. Cameron was taken out by Naomi, Fox by Layla, and Emma by Summer Rae. Naomi eliminated Paige to win.

[5] Ambrose gets DQ

The Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt match got a "B+" from the Bleacher Report, which said Wyatt was not showing diversity in his character while Ambrose did well.

Wyatt won on Ambrose's DQ after hitting him in the gut with a steel chair. He was warned against it prior, Wrestling Inc. said.

[6] The Bunny rules

The teams were Titus O'Neil/Heath Slater and Adam Rose/The Bunny; and The Bunny pinned Slater after a missile dropkick, said the Bleacher Report.

"Well, that was five minutes of my life spent watching a Bunny wrestle two jobbers," said the report, giving it a "C-."

[7] Nikki Bella is WWE Divas champ

Bella's assistant, Brie, grabbed AJ Lee and kissed her, Wrestling Inc. said. Turning around, the latter got a shot from Bella and then a rack attack. The 30-seconder got a "C" from the Bleacher Report.

[8] Sting debuts in WWE

It was Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev, Luke Harper and Seth Rollins vs. Big Show, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and John Cena; Team Authority vs. Team Cena.

Triple H choked an impending Ziggler win against Rollins, and knocked Ziggler down. He positioned Rollins' hand over the latter, then called a referree.

Sting then entered to debut on the WWE ring, in the biggest surprise of the night, per USA Today. He knocked down Triple H and then placed Ziggler's hand over Rollins.

"Rolling out Sting feels like a Hail Mary move in hopes of attracting the casual fan to stick with the service," said Yahoo Sports, connecting it to WWE's premier pay-per-view show WrestleMania 31.

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