Updated 09:34 AM EDT, Mon, Oct 25, 2021

NYC Snowstorm Map & Death Toll: 7 Killed; More Snow Thursday

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Buffalo residents stay strong amid an extreme snowstorm, covering the region with as much as 6 feet of thick ice. According to CNN, authorities recorded seven casualties resulting from the natural havoc. Citing information from the National Weather Service, the outlet reported that about 50% of the country had snow on Tuesday.

Three of the documented fatalities resulted from cardiovascular attacks, wrote USA Today.

The phenomenon appears to be a "lake-effect snow." Time said the snow typically begins like any other winter occurrence -- but with the additional touch of air from the Arctic.

It all starts when cooler air from the region descends, meeting up with warmer water temperature of the Great Lakes. The air, dry as it seems, draws moisture and heat from the water, Time explained.

The water level eventually rises, causing air temperature to drop down even further. Since the air has accumulated moisture in the process, it condenses into clouds and ultimately precipitates in the form of snow, added Time.

The freezing situation won't come to a halt yet, as reported by NBC News. The source cited warning from the National Weather Service predicting 3 to 8 more inches of snow on Wednesday and up to 2 feet more on Thursday night outside Buffalo. Saturday will see the rise of temperature, which raises concern over the possibility of flooding. Over 100 cars were reported to be trapped by the snow.

It appears Buffalo's snowstorm might just give a year's worth of ice. USA Today noted that the average snowfall for a single year is nearly 8 feet, marked at 93.6 inches.

Confirming that a state of emergency is in place, Deputy Erie County executive Richard Tobe confirmed in a Reuters report, "That's a year's worth of snow."

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said via USA Today, "This is a historic event. When all is said and done, this snowstorm will break all sorts of records, and that's saying something in Buffalo."

On a lighter note, Buffalo mayor Byron Brown and some officials recognized the coordination among emergency personnel and rescuers, CNN noted. Buffalo has proven that it is indeed "The City of Good Neighbors."

Cuomo said via the CNN, "Buffalo itself, known as a city of neighbors, has come together and shown a real sense of community and neighbor helping neighbor, which is always good to see."

To check the snowstorm's effect in your region, see the recent snowstorm map from the National Weather Service here. The map may be clicked for detailed alerts or filtered according to warnings by state.

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