Updated 07:26 AM EDT, Sat, May 30, 2020

Beyonce Jay Z Divorce Rumors: Bey Thinks Husband Is Fat? Tells Him to Lose Weight

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The divorce rumors surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z's marriage just won't die down, and the public appearances the couple make constantly seem to fuel gossip even more.

The couple has just finished their successful "On the Run" collaboration tour, which is said to be one of the world's most historical tours of all time, according to VC Post. And Beyonce and Jay-Z definitely looked like they're quelling the divorce rumors by establishing their romance despite the scandals in the past, including their involvement in Solange Knowles' angry elevator breakdown during a gala event in New York.

"All of Me" singer John Legend even defended Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship by saying that people have been insensitive about the whole thing.

"If you're Jay, you know the truth. You can only let the rumors affect you so much. He knows the truth and he's pretty mellow as well. He's cool and collected and he knows how to take it all in his stride," VC Post quoted the singer.

Nevertheless, rumor mills are still churning.

A source tells OKMagazine.com that one of the reasons for the alleged divorce is because Bey is irked about Jay-Z's weight. Apparently, the singer, who is making a huge effort maintaining her physical health, is urging her husband to put more effort on his figure. Beyonce has ordered Jay-Z to lose 20 pounds, according to the report.

"She's so over his size and thinks it's ridiculous that he doesn't take care of his health. She's worried about his cholesterol, his blood pressure, everything, and wants him to lose weight urgently," the source tells OKMagazine.com.

The insider also said that Jay-Z is "very inactive" and "spends hours in his studio or office." And even during concert performances, Jay-Z is usually "not the type of performer to jump about dancing like she does."

The OKMagazine.com source adds, "She's even told him he's turning her off sexually, just to get him motivated." Sounds a little harsh, don't you think?

The report's insider added that Beyonce is sick and tired of Jay-Z being overweight so she decided to inspire her husband to drop the extra pounds without including diet or exercise. She even put him on her vegan cleanse, which the rapper blogged about last year.

No official word from the couple's camp has been announced, so all of these divorce rumors and supposed weight issues, are only speculations for the meantime. 

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