Updated 02:24 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

'NBA 2K15' Ratings & Review: Servers Down & Face Scanning Glitches on Launch Day

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In the midst of the raves about "NBA 2K15" after its US release Tuesday, it has been found that the wildly popular basketball series has loopholes, a big one being the face scan.

The new feature supposedly scans a player's face within 30 seconds into the MyCareer mode to make a player's experience more realistic. However, The Independent reported that some faces came out wrong as it compiled a sampling.

Social media really became the fans' mouthpiece, with one tweet saying, "Somebody just re-created the Star Wars squid guy on NBA 2K15 face scan glitch," and another asking, "am I an Orc or an NBA player?"

Polygon called the ruckus a disaster, joking that to perfect the outcome, the living room might actually need to be a photography studio.

It said that the gaming company might not have tested the application on a real living room that's why there's a backlash going on. Moving your face even just slightly can make a joke of your face with the PlayStation Camera, it noted.

The faces will haunt you in your dreams, said Mashable. It may be awesome in theory but the feature has created many hilarious and haunting mugs already, the report said, posting photos of a "mouth with eyes," "demented cyborg" and "basketball Predator" among others.

Unlike the usual case with most Xbox One and PS4, no connectivity issues or server outages were reported, Gotta Be Mobile said, although it also cited the scanning issue as a major glitch that began to appear just shortly after the launch.

Some players said the new technology sometimes just would not detect facial features, the report explained, adding that the game would even fail to render the most basic facial features. There's also the issue with skin complexion as the game is sometimes producing purple faces.

However, while Gotta Be Mobile has not reported a server issue, another indicated otherwise. The "NBA 2K15" servers went down during the game's first day on the shelves, Attack of the Fanboy noted. The glitch affected some modes in the game, and also saw PS4 owners complaining about installation problems.

The servers were down for several hours, the report noted, adding that 2K Sports launched an investigation into its cause.

NBA 2K Digital Marketing Director Ronnie Singh tweeted a how-to, also putting a helpful link, to address the face scan issue. Meanwhile, there is no statement on the reasons for the server failure yet.

However, Gotta Be Mobile said, the glitches should not discredit the achievements of "NBA 2K15", explaining that the game updated its MyLeague system and brought back Crew Mode. 

For The Win said: "With NBA 2K15, developer Visual Concepts and 2K Games have delivered the full package. 2K15 is the richest game in the series to date, and its greatness lies in its versatility. There's a game mode for everyone in 2K15, the hardest part might just be deciding which one you like the most."

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