Updated 02:21 PM EDT, Tue, Oct 19, 2021

Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am 'Ew' Music Video Hits iTunes

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Late night talk show host and former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Jimmy Fallon has done it again by taking his famous "Ew" skit to iTunes. Over the years Fallon has famously performed the skit with big name stars such as Channing Tatum and Justin Timberlake. The official music video of the song is performed alongside Will.i.am, who looks dashing in his orthodontic headgear.

The simple notion for the skit has always been the same: girls hanging out together telling each other everything in the world that they hate. It's unclear if this sort of mimicked behavior actually takes place in reality but, even so, the skit is still hilarious.

Fallon and Will.i.am enter into a prom-like setting where already other girls are committing "Ew" crimes against humanity. This includes having a "booty" that is either too big or too small. The overall point is that there is no way to ever please Fallon and Will.i.am as their immaturity simply gets the better of them on a nightly basis.

The other main character featured in the music video is Gary, Fallon's stepfather. While we have no quarrel with stepdads, it figures how such a character could create tension in a young girl's life. Gary is past his prime and needs to get down to the brass tacks of life, which is that he is not cool and he should just stop as soon as possible.

Many SNL fans have commented that they liked the actual skit better than the music video, and this seemingly makes a valid point. The song which Fallon and Will.i.am made is purely elementary with a simplistic beat. The skit's transformation into a song gives it more area to cover but it also takes away from the formerly simplistic humor aspect.

Since taking over the Tonight Show, Fallon has become one of the leading viral video creators, with seemingly countless hits to his name. His covers and skit videos are bar none the funniest and most well-produced on television. Letterman and Kimmel cannot compete when it comes to skit videos because the simple fact is that Fallon is far more talented as an actor and a comedian than his two rival hosts.

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