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Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 News & Update: Dallas Patient's Family Quarantined, CDC Insists Situation still under control.

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The first Ebola patient in the United States has been in critical condition isolation at a Texas hospital for the past two days. Now, the patient's family as been reported to have been placed in quarantine after federal health officials have prepared to treat and dispose of contaminated items from the patient's home. Despite this, the CDC has remained firm on their stance that this disease will be contained.

Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in the U.S. from Liberia with symptoms of the oft-deadly disease. Upon discovery, he was treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Per Fox News, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that Ebola will not spread to the levels that it has in West Africa, where it has killed more than 3,000 and infected even more.

Duncan was staying at a Dallas apartment after arriving in the U.S. on Sept. 20. His family members were quarantined to the apartment Thursday after ignoring Dallas health officials' request to stay in their home. The four family members are being monitored regularly with their temperatures being taken twice a day. These efforts are part of the health surveillance efforts on the part of the CDC and local Dallas authority figures.

The incubation period for the family is said to run for the next 20 days (the rough amount of time it takes for Ebola to expose itself), after which it will be confirmed that they are clear of the disease.

Duncan is the only person confirmed to have Ebola in the United States so far. There was one man in Hawaii who was suspected to be infected after showing symptoms consistent with Ebola, but he was cleared. However, Howard University hospital has reportedly admitted a patient who had previously been in Nigeria who showed possible symptoms.

As part of the effort to keeping Ebola out of the U.S., airlines have been increasing their screening tactics and making sure that no one infected is exposed to the general public. Duncan's infection, however, exposed some holes in the screening process.

He apparently lied on the airport screening form, saying that he had not, "cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of someone who had died in an area affected by Ebola." In reality, Duncan helped carry a 19-year-old pregnant woman to a taxi to go to the hospital five days before his flight. The woman later died from the disease. 

Duncan's contact with others has also encouraged the CDC to widen their search of possible infected to about 100. Additionally, he was said to have had potential direct contact with three other young people, who are now being monitored. 

If Duncan is capable of returning to his country, his homeland authorities have confirmed they will be prosecuting him.

U.S. citizens have now raised concerns over the ease with which Duncan was able to travel to Texas having been infected with Ebola. This along with the fact that Ebola may not expose its symptoms for as long as 20 days has many worried about the CDC's ability to contain this disease to an isolated incident.

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