Updated 11:33 AM EST, Sat, Mar 06, 2021

Los Angeles Lakers Update: Jeremy Lin Joins Whistle Sports Network & Makes Video With Steve Nash

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Jeremy Lin is preparing for the next step in his basketball career as the newest point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he is also taking further steps in capitalizing on his branding off of the court as well. This starts with him working as the new content partner for Whistle Sports Network.

Whistle Sports Network is a YouTube channel with more than 400,000 subscribers. The channel focuses on sports, obviously, and is only eight months old. He is the first professional athlete to join the network from one of the major American sports leagues.

This also makes Lin one of the few NBA players with a YouTube channel used mainly for the purpose of interacting with his fans.

Lin is also signing a new endorsement contract with Adidas AG following his partnership with Nike. This is one of the few sponsorship deals that he has signed in his time as an athlete.

Two years ago, when Lin was on the New York Knicks, the "Linsanity" craze was at its height. Apparently Lin left behind millions of dollars by not accepting the numerous endorsement deals he was offered at the time.

It does not take much time to recognize Lin's unique qualities as a basketball player. He is now on the Los Angeles Lakers after spending two seasons with the Houston Rockets and is the first Chinese or Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA.

Lin also graduated from Harvard University. His strong efforts in his 35 games with the Knicks years ago sparked a winning performance for the team and launched "Linsanity," a media term centered around his winning ways on the court. By playing as well as he did, Lin boosted television ratings and merchandise sales including owning the best selling jersey in basketball.

Lin says that his contract would have totaled to eight figures and surpassed his current $25 million three-year deal. Lin previously mocked his turning down these "Lindorsements," in a video collaboration with fellow NBA star Steve Nash on the Whistle Sports Network. In it he imagined what it would be like to work with companies like Beats by Dre, State Farm and others.

"We've turned away almost everything, just because I do think my purpose is to play basketball, play well, and play for the glory of God," Lin said, per an interview with Bloomberg. "The stuff off the court is great and it's fun, but it's definitely secondary to my primary job."

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